7 Figure Freelancer

Using your personal style and unique skill to attract clients.

Have you ever wondered...

Why do some people seem so lucky?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why some people seem to move through life so effortlessly? The best jobs, coolest events, nicest stuff, just seem to flow to them.

How do "normal" people become tv & Radio show hosts?

If you ever watched a cooking, travel, fitness, guest-interview talk show or even a prank show and thought to yourself, "I can do that!"

Where does the money come from?

Have you ever REALLY stopped to examine how it is possible that they get to eat amazing meals, travel all over the world, hang out with celebs and industry leaders AND get paid for it?

Well, here's your answer.

THey are focused on doing what they love.

Host your own show
about whatever you want.

Our team of consultants has over 25 years creating content in Tv, Movies, Music, Podcast, Books & more.

You are MORE than the service you provide. Let us help you create the perfect vehicle to attract clients that like you for you. 

Level 1:

Start your show

Learn the most important tools to create a successful podcast from industry  leading experts and content creators.

Level 2:

Find your Audience

NO PAID ADS! Learn how to leverage your social media account and FREE auto-posting services to grow your followers organically.

Level 3:

Extreme Monetization

YES, PAID ADS! The good kind; the ones that pay you! Learn how to select PROFITABLE interviewees and offer ad space.

7 Figure Freelancer:
Build a brand that gets you PAID.

Spotlight your passions.

You are a smart, exciting, dynamic, passionate person. Everything that a celebrity needs to be.

  • You have confidence.
  • You are already consistent.
  • You know you can sell.
  • You know you can recruit.
  • You know you can build a group.
  • You know you can lead a group.

Create the content that gets you recognized as an expert.

This is NOT Affiliate Marketing

No codes, no pay cycle, no contracts.

No Commissions

It's your business, you keep what you charge.

No "Down Line"

Simply give your audience multiple ways to pay you.

100% Independent

No Boss, No Team Leader, No Meetings, Just you and a tutorial video and a resource library.

MONTHLY Content & Income Strategy Guides.

You don't even have to worry about creating content. Free downloads for members + Live Zoom meetings.

7 Figure Freelancer:
Monetize Your Passion.


Per Hour

1/2 OFF Special:

$20K Per Month -or-
$1M in One Year

1 Hour Consultation with Errol Chung,
Host of MiamiDMT, Owner of Loco-Tv.com, 2x Author & 25yr Veteran.

$ 19.99

Per month

Monthly Income & Cash Flow Strategies

Learn how to bill for subscriptions and sell digital products. FREE DOWNLOADS of content & ad resources. Monthly Private Group Zoom Call.



Live consult before final order.

Create Monthly
Membership Platform:

Host your Web Series, Podcast, or Blog and tie in your income products. All custom built for you.

Strategic Project Development .

Straight to the point.

Passion Fueled Content

What fuels you? What is that you truly love and want to focus 100% of your time doing. 

Define your Niche Audience

There are people out there that love your personality and are amazed at your skill… This is where we find them.

Easy Online Income Products

What problem do you solve? What do the people know you best for? What can you produce digitally to help?

Easiest to Monetize video styles

Life-Style & Venues

Reality shows, prank shows, travel shows all line up under this category. Any show that creates the ideas that the featured actors are “just living an amazing life” are are willing to “bring you along” can be considered “Life-style Marketing”.

Interviews & Spotlight

Taking a moment to help someone share their message, their point of view, or story in an interview setting fits here. It could be in a studio, during an outing or even in a live video chat session. As long as there is both a Host & a Guest, you’ve got an interview. 

Virtual & Live Events

Plenty of producers and camera crews spend their lives exploring the most beautiful, exciting, uncharted or unknown places in the world, and get paid to do it. Many, not all, of these  places often lack proper video marketing and are willing to pay to be featured. 

Product Promos

Showing the emotion that that the buyer will have or explaining how your product is a solution to an already existing problem is the key to a great commercial. From a beautiful woman washing her hair under a waterfall, to an all purpose SUV tearing through the desert dunes at sunrise, great commercials put the view in a state of awe with purchase as the only way to achieve it.