Build a Cannabis or CBD audience

Top 3 things to consider when building your audience.


Be Honest

Don’t overstate your knowledge or experience. There are interested people at all stages of this “budding” market. 


Be Consistent

There is a difference in offering a variety of points-of-views on a topic and just randomly talking. give your audience a center focus.


Be Professional

The CBD and marijuana business has reached the 100s of billions mark. treat it with respect. Silly “pot heads” are just characters in a very serious industry. 

Top 4 types of audiences

Personal Recreational

Speak to those that see the cultural value and the community behind the smoke. Artist, entertainers, chefs and local growers.

Medical Users

From cancer treatment to appetite inducers and pain dampeners, the medical uses are publicly known and accepted nationally.

Food Lovers & Chefs

CBD & marijuana enhanced menus have created a fortune for 1000s and have opened the minds and pallets of millions.

b2c vendors

Brands, products, entertainment, travel and many other businesses have seen a strong uptake in recent cannabis opportunities.

Consistent content creates trust.

Turn your content into a video series or podcast.

All the tech you need is in the palm of your hand.

Your phone is the best tool designed for creating independent wealth since the Stock Market.

Never before have you been able to sit, by yourself in a room and generate value and reach a global audience.

Create the right content, connect the right eCommerce and social media platforms and watch the dollars just roll in. 

Homemade TV Show Example:

Cofee & a Joint

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Commercial Example:

Social Media Ad


Incorporate your Target Audience into your new Marketing and Sales content in just seconds with these helpful ideas. 


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