Creative Income Opportunities For:

Marijuana Enthusiasts


Coffee & a Joint!

Hosted by Christopher Fernandez.

What will you create?

Host a show with JUST your cell phone.

What in the world could be better than spending your time happily traveling around the world, meeting experts, while eating, drinking & smoking the FINEST marijuana ever grown.

Now is the time. It’s perfect!

Everything you need from filming, editing, distribution & income management can all be done from your phone with a few simple tools. Take the opportunity now that the legalities and variances are so topical.

Bring more traffic into your physical location.

Partner with mobile physicians and help your current clients gain access to the medication they need. All you need a quiet spot in your office or shop to setup and a way to let in & outgoing clients know when they will be there.
The average cost is about $300 per person and (we figure) 20-30% commission per registration. Search Facebook for local Medical Marijuana Groups or Specialists and invite them – “Are you interested in helping my clients register for a Medical Marijuana Card?”

Get paid to promote THC & CBD Businesses.

A typical podcasts can run from 30 – 120 minutes. That’s a long time for most people. Our attention span usually quits after 5-10 minutes, unless we are SUPER intrigued by what we are watching.

Use that limitation as a benefit. Create short podcasts that promote local businesses and are EXTREMELY focused on topics that potential clients care about. Be careful not to confuse this with a list of retail options. Discuss things like cleanliness, promptness & professionalism.

Get paid to do what you love.

You’ve spent most of your life smoking weed in relative “secret”. Now that this tiny medical miracle has proven itself as an independent economic industry, experts are coming out of the woodwork. People with a life-long knowledge.

It takes little more than focusing your social media content, a few cool apps, and the vision to get paid. Express your knowledge through eCourses, Interviews, Professional Strain Reviews, Growth Strategies, Weights & Measurement charts and so much more.

Business owners are ACTIVELY looking for athletes that use THC or CBD.

Sponsors pay athletes by the amount of attention associating with that athlete will get them. If you have a lot of influence, then you get paid more. Social media makes bringing awareness to yourself A LOT easier. Take the idea of Mini-Podcasts and target your niche market.

Mutually Beneficial Cross-Promotion:

Trainers: Nutritionists and Medical Specialists, Equipment manufactures
Athletes: Trainers, Doctors, Nutritionist, Restaurants, Clothes Designers
Gyms: Create and internal business group for Clients that are business owners

Taking "the munchies" to a WHOLE NEW level.

What flavor/strength/strain of chronic goes best with your favorite meal, dessert, wine, or spirit?

Bud, as we grew up knowing it, has moved from your mom’s basement, or shed to the fine dining tables of Miami to NY to LA. As with the rise of the culinary-cannabis-cult, come the leaders of that cult.All you need to stand out is Personality, Opinion, Experience, and the will to be consistent. Share your knowledge of your perfect meal pairing or pre/post meal accents.

Support local businesses & make some good scratch.

Business is business. And cannabis is unarguably BIG BUSINESS. With the explosion of new opportunities comes new, eager, inexperienced entrepreneurs. Smart folks with serious cash to invest, a passion and a focus to win. However, they are desperately in need of strong business partners and advisors to see their vision through.

Be that arm that pulls them from the jaws of a possible mistake that could cost them everything AND MORE!

FINALLY! Get paid by your Followers!

Do you have more than 1,000 Followers COMBINED?
1,000 subscribers paying you $20/mon equals $20,000 per month.

Every month we teach you how to convert INTEREST to INCOME.
Learn strategies on: Defining and attracting the perfect audience member, building paid membership programs, and creating an arsenal of digitally downloadable or drop shipped products to sell at ridiculous profits.

Strategies are FREE.
Resources & Resources only $19.99 per month.

How is it possible for some people to become TV show hosts and travel the world looking for the coolest things? Who pays them and the camera crew and the sound and light and the travel expenses? How is it all possible?
Find out all the FREE and low-cost ways to live your life AMAZING!
Building a home studio, finding topics, creating a distribution network, monetizing and creating a paid-membership audience.

Motivation from Mr. Chung.

This month, in honor of 4/20, we are teaching folks how to launch their marijuana-infused business initiatives. Learn how to get paid whether you want to smoke it, eat/drink it, cook it, or rub it all over your body.
There are millions of businesses that live within this emerging market space. Media, retail, podcast, culinary, destination locations, education… the list goes on and on.
Where you plant your flag is your decision. We just want to make sure you know your options.

Get a Custom Commercial Video to help Promote your stuff.

Starting @ $149

Foodie Menu

Display dynamic menus, top dishes, delivery, specials, Chef interviews & more!

Product Launch

Find early investors, create the ULTIMATE fundraising video and launch your idea into your marketplace.

Value Summary

Focus on the benefits. Give the top points needed for Decision Makers.