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The tools to effectively communicate.

Believe that when you open your mouth you have something worth hearing.

Enhance your speaking ability.

Get your point across, clearly, articulately, accurately and with STYLE !


Communicate your message.

Unleash the POWER of total control over your audience by perfecting your skills as a storyteller. Control the narrative, create an experience, prove your point beyond a shadow of doubt.


Speak with authority.

Poise, posture, tone, inflection and how to properly place pauses and emphasis are just the beginning. Make sure what you said is heard and understood, the first time.


Perfect your stage presence.

Get your audience to engage with you, beyond physical and mental in-the-moment. Connect in a way that vibrates in their minds for weeks and months after your interaction.


Build trust in moments.

It's the personal connections that we share with people that create that amazing lifetime bond. Learn how to create dynamic interactive points that create unforgettable moments.


Capture & maintain attention.

Rock your client from the inital converstion to the final presentation and beyond. Learn the secrets to maintaining an unbreakable conection to your audience.


Sculpt your message.

Frame out your message so that there can be no mistake in your intent. Understand the keys to structuring the perfect storyline. Remove the possibility of miscommunication.


Closing the presentation.

Close out your presentation with a BANG. Leave your audience with the satifaction of a well-laid plan as well as the curious optimism that will lead into the next steps. Implementation.


The perfect follow-up.

What do you do with all of the people that have shown interest in you. Wheter client, marketing lead, referral or visitor to your social media, learn what to do with interested minds.

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CL Intentional, Podcast

I’m Chiquia Lewis, a Public Speaking Consultant, Intentionality Advocate, Educator, and Entrepreneur. I share tools and resources for effective communication and enhancing your public speaking skills.

Intro - Who is CL International?

I share tools and resources for effective communication and enhancing your public speaking skills.

Importance of Communication

This episode discusses how communication is like one of our basic needs of life and why we must be mindful of what, how, and why we communicate.

How to Speak Publicly with Authority

When you speak with confidence and authority, your audience trust that the information that you are delivering is credible.

More topics to come!

Tune in every week for more news, tips, ideas and more. Fascinating interviews, in-depth analysis and more.

1:1 & Group Consulting

Are you taking your first leap into private consultation? Have you already experienced the benefits of having a hyper-focused professional to assist you in reaching your goals?  

1:1 Discovery Call

What are you interested in accomplishing? What are you goals and what are you holding back? Tell Chiquia your objectives within our first initial conversations.

Purpose Evaluation

What is the value of what you offer to your listeners. How does your tools and/or services improve your listeners lifestyle, business, relationships,

Define your Impact

What will your clients & listeners be able to utilize from your presentatin. Learn how to clearly state how their lives be impacted with your information, service or solution.

Get to Work

ACTION STEPS! Get the most out of your consultation by giving a activating

What do our clients love most?



20+yrs of advising doctors & physicians worldwide.



Direct focus on action-derriving communication.



Real-Time solutions for presentations,


Growing our media company to include medical professionals was a big leap. Chiquia was able to help me understand how they think and what they needed most.

Errol Chung
Miami DMT Inc. CEO

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