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For over 25 years, Errol Chung has written books, piloted marketing & sales divisions and launched an obscene volume of work-from-home & residual income campaigns. 

In Dec 2020, Errol opened up his private vault of recorded Zoom Meetings & phone calls with TOP industry influencers, disruptors and tough leaders. Hear what tomorrow brings.

How to Create Content: Re-Defining joy and income production by creating content that is fun to create and valuable to listeners.

How to Monetize Content: Creating content that is valuable in helping others achieve their goals or solve an immediate problem.

Putting our money where our mouth is; Let’s start out with a REAL Life Example. Fun(d) with Ira is an Entertainment-based podcast that filters listeners to Ira’s Funding Agency. 

A typical PodAd should run 3-5 minutes. In 1 hour, you can record 12 – 20 episodes. By charging $50-$83 each, that equals $1,000, for 1 hour of your time.

Make money doing & talking about the things you enjoy most.

The things that you love most are usually the things that you know most about. It is this unique knowledge that makes you interesting to potential audiences. 

Let us show you how to profit from your passions, publicly.

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Get paid to be yourself.

Get paid to be yourself.

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Delegate & Automate: How to properly use Virtual Assistants.

No one likes reviewing analytics, luckily there are services that help organize data and explain how to use the data to make decisions.

Create the right team around you to handle the things you don’t want to mess with. 

Create Insane Call-To-Action Ad Pieces.

Find out the best ways to add value to your product or service without adding more work to your day.

Master usable technical skills: eCommerce Platforms, Gaming Technology, Drop Shipping, Custom Clothes, Digital Downloads, eCourses and more.

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Get paid to be yourself.

Connect to people that want to buy.

Literally unlimited custom topic ideas that create a personal connection between you and your buying audience.

Staying trendy is not an easy task. What if there was a simple formula that you could run and you could immediately be relative to anyone. Here is where the critical error is made. 

We are not supposed to be  moderately relative to everyone. We are supposed to be needed by a specific group.

By knowing your, Target Audience, Most-Informed Topics & Favorite Media Type,  our simple Excel sheet will spit out 31 Custom Topics Every Time You Update.