7 Figure Fitness:

2,000 people paying you
$5 per month for a subscription
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Automated Income for Leaders of Large Sports & Fitness Audiences

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1. Create ONE item of value each month.
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Sell Your Knowledge

You are a trained athlete with a large social following.

  • You have confidence.
  • You are already consistent.
  • You know you can sell.
  • You know you can recruit.
  • You know you can build a group.
  • You know you can lead a group.

Lead your group to spend money with you, not some other company!

This is NOT Affiliate Marketing

No codes, no pay cycle, no contracts.

No Commissions

It's your business, you keep what you charge.

No "Down Line"

Simply give your audience multiple ways to pay you.

100% Independent

No Boss, No Team Leader, No Meetings. Just you and tutorial videos and a resource library.

FREE MONTHLY Content & Income Strategy Guides.

You don't even have to worry about creating content. Free downloads for members + Live Zoom meetings.