Get Paid for Being Weird


How many ways can you get paid for being weird?

Sell what you know to people that like your personality.

All you need is the right retail packaging.

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Are you DESIGNED for seamless, automated income?

Intellectual  property is the gateway to FREE money. Selling what you know is a definite  way to build residual income while sleeping. 

There are dozens of ways to convert what you know into digital products, some you My have never heard of before.

What do potential sponsors need to see to say "Yes"?

Investors and sponsors are similar in the fact that they know what they are looking for and it is our job to give it to them. Problem is we usually play an odd guessing game spewing facts without a real sense of purpose.

To shorten and focus the conversation, considered this layout:

  • Explain your service (*briefly) 
  • Explain your demographic audience (*as close to theirs as possible)
  • Explain your marketing plan
  • Explain the results you expect

Try not to focus on “how great your product is” rather how seeing their name attached to your project can help them.

Case Study: Working with an Olympic Mindset.

The amazing Coach and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Erica Weitz has dominated the Orlando, Fl Runners events and her private coaching.

With our assistance, she has incorporated:

  • Online classes
  • Event invitations 
  • Online group challenges
  • Exclusive sponsorship program

This has greatly stabilized her income allowing her the time to focus on bigger projects within her company.

Leverage every angle of your creative process.

Good food is SO much more than the final meal. A good meal starts from the discussion of what to prepare and carries through all the way to shopping, seasoning, prep, and serving.

Turn your camera on and record the process that you have dedicated your life to. Show your audience your precision in the selection, your care for details, and your focus on their happiness.

Also, a great place to place sponsor and vendor ads!

Other ways for sexy people to make money besides porn.

One of the most critical members of any fitness group has GOT to be the graphic design person/agency.

When your looks and your power and how you make money, most professionals have taken on the personal of super heros! With lighting fast posts, incredible feats of strength, and insanely sexy poses.

Why not turn those photos into digital goods you can sell. Backgrounds for cell phone calendars are a quick fun way for your fans to keep you close.

You just got your ASS KICKED by a GIRL, again!

It’s fair to say the lines of gender inequality blur a little better in the realm of avatars and group combat Sims. In a world where anyone can be anyone Girl-Gamers aren’t hiding their femininity as they slaughter endless waves of ill-prepared dudes. 

Are you a GIRL Gamer? Foodie Fanatic? Or just an all-around Goof-ball with a strong TikTok account? 

How much do you think you could make creating your own fun t-shirts or laptop stickers?

Monetize the "Experience" of your next photoshoot.

Similar to the Chef, your creative  process is PART of the reason people choose to come to you? Whether you choose to share it or charge extra for it up to you. 

Setting up a simple pre-shoot video meeting to discuss options, colors, equipment,  lighting, wardrobe could save you hours and increase your professional value.

It could also give you time to upset packages or schedule additional shoots. Consider also bringing someone along to take candid, behind-the-scenes shots.

FINALLY! Get paid by your Followers!

Do you have more than 1,000 Followers COMBINED?
1,000 subscribers paying you $20/mon equals $20,000 per month.

Every month we teach you how to convert INTEREST to INCOME.
Learn strategies on: Defining and attracting the perfect audience member, building paid membership programs, and creating an arsenal of digitally downloadable or drop shipped products to sell at ridiculous profits.

Strategies are FREE.
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How is it possible for some people to become TV show hosts and travel the world looking for the coolest things? Who pays them and the camera crew and the sound and light and the travel expenses? How is it all possible?
Find out all the FREE and low-cost ways to live your life AMAZING!
Building a home studio, finding topics, creating a distribution network, monetizing and creating a paid-membership audience.

Motivation from Mr. Chung.

Submit to the truth. Not fictional hopes or false identities. 

They say no man can serve 2 masters, so my question  to you is this… what do you serve. You have only 2 options.

  • A slave to your own ambitions and your paying the price to have what you want.
  • You have no immediate plan, besides non-death, and you follow the whim with anyone with enough cash to get your attention. Essentially,  a slave to the money.

As you ask yourself this question, understand  that ever minute of every day is a chance to start living your dream life. 

Submit to the FACT of who you are and the direction and speed towards (or away from) your ideal self image.

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