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Work from home using only your cell phone.

Show off your unique talents, tastes, specialties, or just your point-of-view.

It’s your time to shine. But not your time to spend TONS of money building-out an entirely new project. Partner up with Champion Mindset’s global audience and tailor make your own show. Your ideas, your interests, your audience. 

Start off small and watch your viewers, sales & sponsorship dollars increase until you are ready to launch off on your own.

3 things most Successful Podcasts
have in common.

Amazing, branded, trending & relevant content.

Gloablly distributed to targeted, niche, audiences.

Simple, easy-to-order digital & dropshipped products.

Create inbound leads for your exisiting business.

Fun, Organic, Low-Cost Lead Generation.

Promote to the people by talking about the things they like.

Our team of digital marketing experts are amongst the best in the work. Designed to reach multiple target audiences and link them to a single point of interest is more than a skill, it’s a passion. A passion is written in ROI & Analytics.

Active Online Students & Shoppers

Industry Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Sample Targeted Facebook Demographic Audience includes 247+Filter options.

Find your perfect target audience

Google Ads, Social Media, Geo-Targeting & Direct Marketing Specifically for Your Ads.

Target te buyers that mean the most to you with our unique Multi-Layered campaigns

Our team of digital marketing experts are amongst the original creators of Fiverr. Designed to reach multiple target audiences and link them to a single point of interest is more than a skill, it’s a passion. A passion written in ROI & Analytics.

start making money immediately.

Offer small & independent business owners access to your target audience.

Value to business owners:

Shows will be streaming 24hrs a day.

A single show can read hundreds of different local and national demographic audiences if the marketing is properly financed.

Small Biz Shout-Out Ads on your podcast.

Charge business owners to promote themselves on shows that target the same people they sell to.

In-Depth Feature Interviews of Biz Leaders & Owners.

Create an episode that spotlights one (or a few) business owner(s). Showcase their achievements.

In-Depth Product & Service Reviews.

Create a name for yourself by helping local businesses rank higher on Google searches by doing reviews.

Challenges, Games, Raffles & Rewards.

Offer a fun competition to your audience (fitness, focus, foodie… etc) and feature a partner business.

12 Session Virtual Course

Everything you need to host your own monetized show.

Bonus: Content Creator Tool &
Virtual Assistant Job Training

Learn what it takes to run a successful Monetized Podcast.

Join our weekly coaching sessions to learn the tools that you will need to be successful.

How do "normal" people get tv shows

We no longer seek the approval of networks, casting agents, and pre-set models of perfection. Any one with a cell phone, wi-fi, a personality & a story can host their own show.

Quick Cash with Mini-Podcasts

Stop the rules of traditional podcasts and create Minis! 1-4 min concept summaries that help your listeners quickly solve a problem or jump out of a bad mood.

Create ways for sponsors to pay you

Literally thousands of opportunities exist from covering the behind-the-scenes of a new business launch to creating a platform for artists to showcase their work.

Content that matters

Learn the secret formula to consistently creating incredible media. Interview questions, blog & show topics, games, and so much more. Never run out of fresh, relevant, ideas.

Leverage the Power of interviews

You are a Show Host with the ability to bring attention to any topic, project, or person you choose. We will teach you the ultimate guide to find the most influential people to help you build your brand.

Convert followers to paid members

Once you know you have a strong concept, immediately start to convert Likes & Shares into PAID membership subscriptions. 1,000 people x $20/month is $20,000 per month.

Find your target audience

Nested in a few very specific social media groups; online businesses and social periodicals are the hidden jewels to create legions of loyal, wealthy, active followers.

How & What to Sell

Consider the idea of selling solutions and ideas your learned WHILE building your skillset. Sell what you know as intellectual property: PDF, video, worksheet, dropshipped clothing and more).

Find people that want what you offer

Start with people you like. Solve a problem they are facing. Target that solution to a major metropolitan area. Align with organization and causes that like what you talk about.

Simple home studio design

99% of what you need is already in the palm of your hand. Find the right apps, tools, settings, and how to actually use them. Learn how to turn your phone into a mobile studio.

Simple low-cost distribution

Social media has given most people an opportunity to spread their message. Google has become the universal answer to “where can I buy this...” we help you create a path that works for you.

Build a smart versatile fast, virtual team

Worksheets, workflows, data management systems, project management systems & ecommerce systems all automated and working harmoniously with little involvement from you.

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Get to know your new
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Creater of the Liquid Salesman System.

Podcasts for High-Producers




Hosted by Errol Chung & Reagan "Rigz" Mendoza

Similar but not the same. Brothers in media and life, Reagan Mendoza and Errol Chung share their views, experiences and lessons they have learned after a combined 40 years in the media and marketing industries. 

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3