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What's this all about?

Have you ever watched a reality show and thought...

Us too... so we spent the last 25 years figuring it out.

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Why did I get a call?

Simple answer:
You manifested this connection yourself.
You asked the universe, and the universe delivered.

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Get over $200 of value NOW!

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Once I am a member, what next?

Access 25yrs of media, marketing & sales expertise.

Samples of what you'll see inside.

Quick ideas: Change your perception, change your attack method.

Content that matters

Time: 1:38

Create content that gets and keeps your audience’s attention without being tied to random “trending” topics. Talk about the things that you like, and have a small knowledgebase, and grow your audience the right way; with people that have the same interest as you.

Sell Ads

Time: 0:49

Converting space on your website or social media feed is simple, it’s just a change in graphics. The main trick comes when learning how to get sponsors to pay you to promote their businesses. Create the perfect call-to-action.

Leverage Interviews

Time: 1:05

Like talking to people? Creating an interview scenario gives people the opportunity to feel proud of what they have accomplished. This defeats the trust barrier quickly and allows you to position yourself as a valued partner.

Get paid to do Product Reveiws

Time: 1:35

You love what you love, share that value and build a reputation of helping shoppers make important decisions. Take a look at some of the items you use daily and why… best price, best value, best results… and share that knowledge.

Full length: Simple strategies that build income automatically.

Time: 34:32

Want to build credibility FAST?

Have you ever considered...

becoming a talk show host

Quite simply, people watch what they like. Whether to learn a new process, recipe, or just for entertainment, online videos have become the backbone for self-expression and individual learning.   

Time: 27:08

Do you have more than 1,000 followers?

Have you ever considered...

Creating a paid subscription

It only takes 1,000 members paying you $20 a month for you to generate $20,000 every month without breaking a sweat. Creating only a few basic call-to-action marketing pieces and only 1-2 new pieces of private access member content.

Get over $200 of value NOW!

Access Members Only content and downloads.