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Updated May 2023

Simple Truths To Start Out.

Let's agree on a few key elements before we start.

What is A.I.?

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to a computer system that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and decision-making at ridiculously fast speeds.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a simple AI assisted Writing tool that helps people to gain access to information, generate ideas, and streamline their workflow using A.I. (That means writing that sounds like talking.)

What is the ChatGPT Prompt?

The ChatGPT prompt is where you type in your prompt. It's like the search bar in Google except it responds with one, converstational, answer instead of a list.

Take your visitor on a journey from

Think of ChatGPT as a mini-story creator.

Your job is to create the perfect question that will create that story as a response.

Think of your favorite childhood story. You knew where and when it took place. You knew the characters and what role they played. You even knew the emotional tone and personal mission of the story. This information is called The Premise.

This process will help you sculpt your premise so that ChatGPT can answer with the perfect response for you. 

Later, we will learn hot take the response and turn it into multiple types of content you can post right away. 

the elements of a great prompt.

Below you will find 9 elements are that we consider every time we create content with ChatGPT. These 9 sections represent, what we belive to be the best, base-elements, for your journey into ChatGPT. 

As you learn each one, there are examples of ideas you can include in your own prompt creation. 

Construct the Inital Concept.

Set the groundwork for your prompt.


What type of content do you want to create? Consider this separate from your your workflow. This is the base, idea model of what you are trying to develop.


What are you creating?



Having an emotional connection to your audience, even if just for a moment, is critical. Ask yourself “How do I want my viewer to feel when engaging with this content?


What are you feeling?



Are you looking to create a cool title for your article, a bullet point list or a full-on book? ChatGPT is capable of creating amazing content structures.  Stretch the possibilities and test it yourself.


What are you creating?

Setup your target audience

Set the ground work for your prompt.


Think less of a specific person and more like a particular “type” of person. Focus on group similarities and interests. 


What do you have in common with your audience?



Begin setting narrative components with things like time, location, or travel-related scenarios that help paint a clearer picture.


Where and when did your scenario take place?



Align your audience further with a similar goal intention. What solution is your audience looking for that you just so happen to cover? 


What are some of the similar thoughts that make your story connect to your audience? 

Set your characters.

Who are the people involved with your story?

Who is the hero in your scenario? Who learns the lesson, gives the advice, or makes the change that saves the day? Primarily – whose attention are you trying to obtain?



Who supports your Hero? Usually, this would be the person that the Hero talks to when making a big decision or when they need help executing an idea. 



What or who is the problem? What is the beast that we are trying to tame? Create nemeses, or antagonist for your prompt to give your response a more focused tone. 


The GREAT Chat GPT Prompt Creator.


1. Fill in the YELLOW sections ONLY. (As many lines as needed.)

2. Simple, single-word, or short-sentence answer. 

3. Choose the sentence that best represents your idea.

4. Copy and paste the sentence into ChatGPT

5. Use all 3 sections for best results, but all sections are optional based on your intended use. 

Special Note:

This spreadsheet is designed as an infinite randomizer. All of the responses change with every change made to the list. There is no way to go back, so have fun creating new ways of getting your message across. 

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