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Hosted by Errol Chung & Reagan "Rigz" Mendoza

Similar but not the same. Brothers in media and life, Reagan Mendoza and Errol Chung share their views, experiences and lessons they have learned after a combined 40 years in the media and marketing industries. 

Errol Chung

Business Strategy Consultant

Coming in with a 20 year sales and marketing background, Miami native, Errol Chung offers a direct insight into how big companies with big budgets are creating killer ad campaigns. More valuable to our listener, what you can do to copy their success for a fraction of the cost and all of the results. 

Reagan "Rigz" Mendoza

Radio Personality & Sound Engineer

Native of Chicago, local Miami Poet and On-Air Radio host, Reagan “Rigz” Mendoza is by far the funnier and more charismatic of the duo. Rigz’s approach to business success stems from a personality that is only matched by his deep understanding of live crowds and professional digital audio production.

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