Never Ending Value

for Sponsors

Virtual Content. Live Viewer Interaction.
Expidited billing by our partners at MoniTees.

Cool Content Creators

Active Online Shoppers

Ooen new doors & create inbound leads for your exisiting business.

Fun, Organic, Low-Cost Lead Generation.

Promote to the people by talking about the things they like.

Our team of digital marketing experts are amongst the best in the work. Designed to reach multiple target audiences and link them to a single point of interest is more than a skill, it’s a passion. A passion is written in ROI & Analytics.

We have cultivated top brand strategies for our favorite audiences.

Sample Targeted Facebook Demographic Audience includes 247+Filter options.

Find your perfect target audience

Google Ads, Social Media, Geo-Targeting & Direct Marketing Specifically for Your Ads.

Target te buyers that mean the most to you with our unique Multi-Layered campaigns

Our team of digital marketing experts are amongst the original creators of Fiverr. Designed to reach multiple target audiences and link them to a single point of interest is more than a skill, it’s a passion. A passion written in ROI & Analytics.

All sponsorships Include
multi-teired social media marketing solutions.

Call-To-Action Ad Design

Custom graphic art will help direct viewer eyes and traffic to your product or service. Your graphic will be listed in multiple locations on our and partner websites.

Multiple Social Media Posts

With over 10 active social media platforms and over 100 new posts created every month, your post will be posted to target the best possible buying audience.

Pre-Game Rally Video

Join our audio & video entertainment that appears as the opening to each episode. Help set the mood and be among some of the 1st content to appear.

Direct Audience Targeting

Get a custom Target Audience map that includes all pertinent demographic information about the people your ads are reaching.

Offer Digital Downloads

Whether free or paid, offer your potential clients something they can download, print, and keep. Worksheets, schedules, plans, menus, to-do lists and more. Help you accomplish more goals.

Extra Guest Passes

Offer FREE Guest passes to individuals or companies that you want to make sure see your involvement.

Sponsorship Levels

Limited Availability Per Show.

Be a part of the show:

Add Your Own Interview To An Existing Show

It’s your time to shine. But not your time to spend TONS of money building out an entirely new project. Partner up with our speaker crew or join one of our virtual shows currently in development. Start small and watch your viewers, sales, and sponsorship dollars increase until you are ready to launch off your own.

Get all the value - for half the cost.

*Limited Availablity: $6,999

Interact with guests LIVE!
Position your busines on the show page during live scheduled show times.

Concierge Ad Service:

Upon purchase, you will be contacted by one of our representatives to confirm your order and collect your advertising information.

Q&A + Chatroom

Be the first thing viewers, speakers & guests see when they chat live on the platform.

*Limited Availablity: $2,999

Top / Bottom Advertisment

Place your ad onto the feature carousel of banners above and below the Main window.

*Limited Availablity: $3,999

Feature Section on Web page

Place your company's information on the landing page of the show and never leave the man stage!

*Limited Availablity: $4,999

Raffle or Contest

Be the center of the FUN ZONE with your company banner on the interactive game section of the main stage.

*Limited Availablity: $5,999

Play your promotional videos, product reviews, sizzle reels, personal interviews and *almost any other type of video.

Sell physical & digital products, subscriptions, custom gear & more!

Virtual Sales Booth:
Sell during the show!

*Limited Availablity: $5,999

LIVE CHAR ROOM: Chat with prospects, answer questions & close deals.