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Host and Monetize
Your Own Talk or Game Show.

Multi-Focus and & Multiple Income Lines.
Just like you.

Interactive Show Templates Currently in Developent.

SIMPLE LAYOUT. Maximum Cash Flow.

Left Side:

Shows & Games.

Right Side:

Interaction & Income.

What Is In One Episode of Virtual Interactive Tv?

*Eric Stoller of Champion Mindset Events, 30yr Seminar & Convetion Host, uses our platform to increase live  attendance, increase sponsorships and share interviews with industry leaders.

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How Does it work:


This is not an App. It is an All-In-One Service.

Provided by our Virtual Production Team.

Re-defining television.

You Provide the talent; we provide the tech & audience.

Television is what you watch.

Quite simply, people watch what they like. A select few use online  videos for research, tutorials, product reviews, recipes, motivation and other ways to improve ourselves. 

Not the device you watch it on.

Anything that you watch your favorite shows on, becomes a “television”.

  • Nationally Syndicated TV Networks
  • Streaming Television Shows
  • YouTube & Free Public Upload Sites
  • Social Media Communities
  • Private Networks & Groups

Audience INTEREST Targeting

One Large Net: Made of tiny-little nets


Foodies, Chefs, Farmers, Bar Tenders, Distilleries, Grills, Restauranters, Nutritionists & More!


Fitness, Health, Workouts, Competitions, Gyms, Refs, Trainers & Medical Specialists.


Freelancers, Coders, Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Online Group Leaders.

Tech & Apps

From websites, to apps, to robits with AI. Master Google, Apple, and everything inbetween.

Business & Sales

Fashion, Style, Design, Branding, Trends., Discover what the world is buying today.

Stop guessing. Start selling.
Find people that want what you sell.

Hosts & Guests.

Bring out the best in yourself, your network, and your friends by sharing live or pre-recorded games, discussions, and competitions with each other.

  • Interview Industry Leaders
  • Create Multi-Day Premiers
  • Play Games & challenges with friends

Each time the episode plays/airs, new commercials are added and new revenue is generated.

Sponsors & Audience.

What is the point of having hundreds of thousands of viewers, with little – no sales? We allow you to hyper-target your audience as well as sell sponsorships right away.

  • Specific Niche Per Episode – audience targeting.
  • Hours of original exposure time. 
  • Connect with people that CAN ACTUALLY help you achieve what you see on screen.

Re-defining interaction.

INFINETLY monetize your audience.

Interactive Elements Available Now.

Mix & mingle with viewers LIVE as they watch your shows.

We know it. We Love it. It is our guilty pleasure. It is how we connect with everything on the planet at once. We follow YouTube Celebs with the obedience of a Kindergarden Class to their teacher.

Sponsors can too!

Sponsors, vendors, speakers, & co-hosts can create their own galleries, videos, subscription groups and more.

Connect & sell on the spot...

And then again every time the show airs.

Chat Live

Take live questions, interact with viewing audience, rally and stir excitement!

Speakers & Vendors

Co-Hosts, Speakerse, and contestants can setup thier own interaction areas.

Custom Gear

We can help you get setup with your own online store or set you up in ours.

Digital Downloads

PDF Ideas, Work-Sheets , Subscriptions, eCourses, Drop Shipped Products.

Raffles & Games

Raise money, challenge audience members, give away prizes& more!

Find out out how to sell your best ideas all a once.

Media Vs. Marketing

Work smarter not Harder. Focus on what matters most; Quickly developing trust & Closing sales.

  • Specific Niche Per Episode – audience targeting.
  • Hours of original exposure time. 
  • Connect with people that CAN ACTUALLY help you achieve what you see on screen.

Each time the episode plays/airs, add new guest speakers, games and local content to improve views.

Be the show.
Sell the Sponsorship.

Connect with viewers on an intimate level and encourage them to interact with you.

  • Easily add content to increase viewer value.
  • Upload picture galleries, or offer a virtual walk-thru of your location.
  • Host independent online challenges and prize giveaways.

Each time the episode plays/airs, new commercials are added and new revenue is generated.

Level 1: Create Your Own Show.

Create a Single Episode or
a Full-Length Virtual Event.

Every Show Includes:



Virtual Show + Audience Targeting



Show + Audience + eCommerce Platform



Show + Audience + Platform + Consult

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1:1 or Small Group Consultation

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