Never question what you should post.

Every audience is unique, every content creator has a story to tell.

Our Content Creator Tool allows you the ability to create an infinite amount of value-based content specific to the interest of you and your target audience.


Create topics that always interest your audience.

Creative tool as easy to use as an Excel Spreadsheet.


Focus on people & groups that mean the most to you

Focus on up to 20 niche groups of people most likely to add value to you.


Talk about subject matter that means the most to you

Post only about topics that you know the most about or are most interested in.


Grow followers with value-based interaction

Choose the easiest and most profitable ways to interact with your audience. 

I'll show you how

TOP things to consider when creating content.

Keep the right focus on creating meaningful, actionable, content.

Know your audience.

The more you know about your audience the more specific you can direct the conversation. Use REAL LIFE examples by understanding as much information about your target audience as possible.

Be valuable.

Even though a lot of what we see on social media and tv is “purely entertainment” it still serves a purpose, to entertain. Don’t post content for the sake of posting. Make sure each piece has value.

Understand the issues.

What are the topics that matter most to your audience? Is it school, work, money, family, relationships, or business? Target your conversation to bring solutions and build trust. 

Make it interactive.

Never miss an opportunity to interact with your audience. End every episode with a Poll, a Challenge, or some action that you encourage them to take. Including (of course) Like, Share & Subscribe. 

No More Complaining.

Remember why you are taking this step. This is a BIG endeavor you are embarking on. When you become successful at this and build your show, your schedule and life once again become your own. 

Never ask for vacation time, bonus, sick days and completely rid of all office politics. This is your chance to build your financial future and do what you love most. 

Talking to people you like about things you like to talk about, and helping them succeed. 

Never worry about what you create again!

Infinitely reuseable, audience targeted, content topic creator.

Top Trending Topics

Interview Questions

Audience Polls

Biz Opportunities

Games & Challenges

Infintite topics for your nich audience.

Use the same tool top business leaders use.

Media vs. Marketing

Mainstream media simply means creating a consistent message and value to your content and delivering it on a consistent basis.


Knowing what content you are creating weeks or even months in advance gives you a chance to automate your posting and save time.




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Easy to use Content Calendar Creator.

Check out this quick instructional video.


List people that you enjoy talking with.


List a few topics you want to discuss.


list actions you listeners want to take.

Change the information in the blue columns.
Works just like Windows Excel.