Simple & inexpensive, marketing & sales tools:
Simple & inexpensive, marketing & sales tools:

Change the way you think about a process and the output you create and results it generates will change automatically.

Turn your social media content into a show, with you as the STAR, and commercials for that show.

-Errol Chung

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Leveraging insights from your audience assessment:

Leverage the insights gained from your audience assessment to understand what captivates your audience on social media.

Identify their favorite:

  • entertainment types & news outlets
  • preferred social media platforms
  • most impactful influencers
  • top pain points and concerns
  • current buying trends and design preferences

Creating content and advertisements effortlessly:

This entire program is designed to effortlessly match your interests with an audience that shares the same passions, whether they’re looking to collaborate or make a purchase. It’s all about simplicity and authenticity.

Crafting content, whether it’s targeted, has a call-to-action, or is simply engaging, becomes remarkably easy when it genuinely reflects your personal interests—things you love to do and discuss.

Once you know who you are talking to and what REALLY interests them, turn on your camera and get to work making what you currently offer, an answer to their biggest concern. 

Add our Chat GPT prompt to ONE OF YOUR responses from Step 4.

Copy our prompt below, followed by your Chat GPT response from Step 4, directly into the ChatGPT prompt and hit Generate. 

Note: If you would like to expand on your answers, you can do so right there in your worksheet. 

Now that you know the importance of including your passions, write a longer, more detailed, more honest list. 



 Instructions: Create social media marketing plan based on user interest on each platform.

Recommend social media content for small businesses on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.


Create a 1-month marketing campaign utilizing all of the info from the above with 3 days of content per week Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


Give short, bullet point answers for each section with bold titles for each section and short explanations of the value of each section.


Paid Membership Prompt:


The more specific the prompt (longer, more detailed) the better the result!

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Don't follow trends. Create your brand.

Sales content, disguised as entertainment content, lives and sells forever!

Mastering every aspect of marketing is a challenging feat, making the replication of someone else’s style and platform far more intricate than it appears.

Attempting to emulate a marketing approach without a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making process, learning from mistakes, and the years of research and development behind it is similar to attempting surgery after merely watching a video – with your business and livelihood being the one operated on.

Reduce the risk out.
Don't depend on volatile trends and headlines.

Moreover, it’s crucial to acknowledge that by the time you recognize a trend, it’s often at its pinnacle.

Unless you can respond with lightning speed to develop a product, create marketing material, and disseminate it to the public, you may find yourself having just missed another valuable opportunity and spent money you didn’t have to spend in the first place.

 Are you prepared to risk the vitality of your business based on a video-inspired experiment?

Turn your social media into a show episodes with these 5 simple components.

Mix & match core elements to create your perfect episode.

Branded Intro/Outro

Create a single professional graphic logo to use as the opening and closing sequence to your content.

Main Characters

Based on the setup of the show (single show, sketch crew) keep your main characters limited so the audience can recognize. them quickly in cover art.

Consistent Storyline

Organic content is great in moments, but a consistent storyline helps the audience build personal value in your brand. Don't just show it, tell it.

Target Audience

Create solutions for people that you naturally connect to. Use your skill to help people that like the things you like and share your common interests.


Once you have a core concept, think of WHAT ELSE your audience would like. The business that offer THOSE solutions become your best sponsors.

Eat your Way Thru Wynwood, Fl. (2019)

Join the Miami DMT Team as they take their creative spirits, curious minds, and hungry bellies on a tour through one of the hottest, most creative neighborhoods in Miami.

Anatomy of the Episode.

Additional info that may help.

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