Find People That
Want What You Sell

In order to be a good prospect, you have to qualify.

The stress between organic,  fake, purchased, or Bot followers is more present than ever now that so many people know how to misuse the technology.

When you are looking at proper prospects for your marketing budget, remember, it’s about more than just liking your content.

A TRUE prospect must:

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Understand, not EVERYONE is going to like, have room for, or be able to afford your product. That’s okay. 



Look within the people that you already know find value in what you do and know your skill. 



Connect the dots between what hurts them the most and what you have to offer as a solution to that pain. 


Time: 1:47


Make friends. The first step to creating a client is creating trust. Learn the  steps to creating a lasting relationship with multiple levels of ROI. 


The technical components are not difficult to learn, however, the mindset that you will need to absorb are far more important. <br>Learn the conceptual lessons required to build your masterpiece. 

Unlock your hidden sales skills just by being yourself.

Time: 2:08

What you offer is unique because simply, it is you that is offering it. Your ability to sell cannot be based on price, or even quality. What your audience is really buying, is their trust in YOU. DO not take that for granted. 

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Your Target Audience should mirror your belief stucture.

Time: 8:04

Once you know who you are talking to, double down on creating solutions for them. Become a resource they can’t say “No” to. 

The more similar your Target Audience is to you (in beliefs and life experience) the quicker they will build trust with you and your brand.

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Make paying you, a simlpe, seamless, process.

Time: 3:44

Your clients should not have to stumble around your site or find a particular link to pay you. Make your mission obvious, intentional and easy to reach. 

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Ask questions to find out what your people want to know.

Time: 9:32

Don’t get so caught up in talking about what you know, that you miss what your audience wants to hear. Make a focused effort to bring honest solutions to the situations affecting your audience the most. 

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Provide REAL solutions to REAL daily issues.

Time: 9:13

Don’t think that your bantering with the audience will be enough to keep them interested. Focus on the quality of content you deliver, not just the amount of content you produce.  Your PAYING audience is different than your Marketing audience. Treat them with respect. 


Activate the information you just absorbed. 


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