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The Power of Precision Prompts

free vs paid membership:

The difference between the free prompt and the paid membership is like night and day, yet they both fit within the same 24 hours. 

The key distinction lies in the depth and breadth of the response. 

If you limit your definition of a “day” to only daylight hours, you miss out on the wonders of the 8-12 hours it’s not.

The paid membership prompt offers extreme specificity. 

With your completed profile, you can plug it into any ChatGPT scenario to understand how someone with similar traits might react. 

This insight empowers you to make informed decisions, revolutionizing the marketing landscape by re-engineering the traditional Split A/B testing model.

Top Questions Asked & Answered:

What type of content do I Create?

Content That Is Natural, Fun & Easy For You.

The main goal is to give people a way to connect with you. The 2nd goal is to make the process of creating that content as effortlessly as possible.

Easiest Homemade Content

What do I Sell?

Memberships, Digital Downloads & Drop Shipped Merchandise.

Simple online companies allow you to create anything from: custom t-shirts, digital downloads, monthly subscription packages, paid zoom meetings, e-courses, and more.

We can show you what typically sells best, how to create and how to launch easily.

Easiest Products to Sell Online

Do I need to be be able to code?


There are more than enough resources online that can help you build out your sales & marketing platforms.

You will need to learn who to ask and how to explain what you need. We can help with that.

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