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2 Hour Video Consult

Everything you need in just

2 Hours

Have you been wanting to learn about AI, but don’t know where you should start and honestly, why you should care?

Skip the hard stuff and take the simple route. Foucs on just the stuff that matters to you, your business and your life most!

What you will NOT Get

What you WILL Get

Hour 1:

Get comfortable with AI.

4 x 15 minute Sessions

Learn on the most Stable Platform

ChatGPT & DallE

Starting with ChatGPT and DALL-E (*the art component of ChatGPT) is a smart choice because they are stable, well-known platforms that make learning AI easy and accessible. Though there are hundreds of choices, and more popping up each day, what you learn here will be the base of all you build. 

ChatGPT helps you see how AI can enhance communication by generating human-like text, while DALL-E shows the creative potential of AI by turning text into images. 

Using these user-friendly tools builds confidence and provides a solid foundation, making it easier to experiment with other AI technologies in the future.

What is AI & ChatGPT?

Discover the truth (and fears) behind AI and ChatGPT. Learn how they can help the average small business owner win big.

How can it help me?

From small improvements in your health routine to massive marketing plans, AI is here to help you find opportunities.

How do I control it?

Learn the secrets of how to create clear, detailed prompts and get the best results from any AI system, every time.

How do I make money?

Use AI to do the job a full team of buisiness and marketing strategists. Create smart, long lasting, income solutions.

Hour 2:

Creating Real Life Solutions.

2 x 30 minute Sessions

Part 1:

Clear Communication

Be understood.

Communicate better, utilizing ChatGPT's ability to understand complex data points, psycological states, personal relationshoips, consequences and other unique critera & resources.

Get more done.

AI's ability to review seemingly random ideas and thoughts help you create real solutions and action plans, from your notes, lists, almost anything. Never lose track.

Part 2:

Happy/Healthy Living

Be more fun.

Save a TON of money by having AI help turn what you have and where you are into an endless array of fun and educational games for the whole family. From chores to free local events.

Build yourself.

Create an adjustable health and wellness routine based on your preferences, likes, budget and personal goals, adjust as necessary, grow infinetly. Custom learning tools and reward strategies.

Beyond concepts:

Immediate Action Guides


10 Take-Aways you can use immediately in your daily life


10 actionable takeaways that will immediately transform your personal and professional life. You’ll experience enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, and improved customer engagement, all tailored to your unique goals.

Imagine the benefits of personalized guidance, targeted marketing strategies, and customized wellness plans, all designed to maximize efficiency and growth.

Profit from your Personality logo.
6 Months FREE Membership

Access dozens of prompt ideas and business development tools designed for individuals with "quirky" personalities.

Optimized Online Profiles:

Implement immediate changes to improve social media profiles and personal branding based on expert feedback.

Content Calendar:

Develop a basic content calendar with ideas and schedules for consistent, high-quality posts.

Improved Communication Skills:

Use AI tools to draft and refine emails, blog posts, and other communications for clarity and impact.

AI-Driven Market Analysis:

Utilize AI tools to analyze market trends and customer behavior for more informed business decisions.

Streamlined Task Management:

Implement AI solutions for managing tasks and organizing information to boost productivity.

Personalized Marketing Strategies

Create targeted marketing campaigns using AI insights to better reach and engage your audience

Cost-Effective Family Activities:

Use AI to find and organize fun, educational activities and local events for the family, saving time and money.

Customized Wellness Plans:

Develop a personalized health and wellness routine with the help of AI, tailored to individual preferences and goals.

Personalized Learning Path:

Learn something you've always wanted to. Create a simple learning style based on you.

AI & ChatGPT


2 Hour Video Consult