Stay lean, optimized & income generating:
Stay lean, optimized & income generating:

Personality tests are snapshots of our kaleidoscopic individuality, revealing not just who we are, but the infinite possibilities within.

-Errol Chung

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Run a creative, consistent, business, with tools based on how you function best.

Since the primary breakdown of these concepts are based on the ADD/ADHD presenting, Myers-Briggs, and Hexaco personality assessment, it’s only fair to base the fundamental business operations on the same principals.

Principles that may push against standard operational consideration into a new way of thinking. In-house, remote work, and virtual assistance have changed the way we staff and operate our business. 

Not all businesses are built the same.

  • The age of the motor vehicle changed business forever.
  • The age of the airplane changed business forever.
  • The age of the internet changed business forever.

In the last 5 years, we have seen the dawn of a worldwide work-from-home economy and the introduction of Artificial intelligence. And again, the world had been changed forever. 

In each instance, it is those that understand the humanistic fundamentals and can adapt the newest innovations that succeed. This is your opportunity to do just that. 

This section will help you build a business custom to you.

Add our Chat GPT prompt to your responses from your email responses and Step 4.

Copy our prompt below, followed by your initial email responses to your assessment as well as your Chat GPT response from Step 4, directly into the ChatGPT prompt and hit Generate.

Note: If you would like to expand on your answers, you can do so right there in your worksheet. 

Now that you know the importance of including your passions, write a longer, more detailed, more honest list. 



Instructions: Imagine you’re a digital product creator preparing to launch a new downloadable product, Product X. In the first month, you need to plan its inception, development, and execution. You want to ensure effective team communication, task management, and a transparent marketing approach. Over the course of four weeks, detail how you would break down tasks, leverage team strengths, and implement time-blocking for both development and marketing. Additionally, incorporate strategies for continuous learning and refining the product post-launch.

Keep your response concise, staying under 2,000 words. Write like you a professional business consultant with a history of building successful online businesses that is talking to a brand new entrepreneur that is working from home. Utilize concepts from their personal assessment questions to format statements that would appeal most to their way of thinking. Understand and incorporate but do not specifically breakdown internal thought processes mentioned in the personality assessment such as ADD/ADHD presenting, Myers-Briggs, and HEXACO Assessments.

Utilize things they like to do as content to share the message that what they offer brings solutions and joy to those battling with the issues mentioned.

 Use bold titles, simple phrasing an small examples of each task.


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The more specific the prompt (longer, more detailed) the better the result!

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Customized 1:1 Consultation

Understanding how you work best.

Understanding ADD/ADHD Presenting:

  • Prioritize Task Chunking:

Break down tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. For instance, rather than “Create Marketing Campaign,” break it down into “Research Keywords,” “Write Copy,” and “Design Graphics.”


  • Utilize Visual Aids:

Leverage visual aids and reminders. Digital tools like Trello or Kanban boards can help organize tasks.

Incorporating Myers-Briggs Concepts:

  • Tailoring Communication Styles:

Adapt communication styles based on personality types. For example, if someone is more introverted (I), consider sending detailed written instructions rather than scheduling a meeting.


  • Aligning Roles with Strengths:

Assign tasks based on personality strengths. For instance, those with a preference for sensing (S) may excel in detail-oriented tasks, while those with intuition (N) may thrive in creative roles.

Integrating Hexaco Personality Assessment:

  • Emphasizing Honesty and Integrity:

Prioritize honest and transparent communication in your marketing approach. Highlight product features with straightforward, truthful descriptions.


  • Building Agreeable Collaborations:

Foster agreeable collaborations by acknowledging diverse perspectives. Encourage open dialogue to ensure everyone feels heard and valued.

Navigating as an Independent Digital Product Creator and Marketer:

  • Effective Time Management:

Implement time-blocking techniques for efficient task management. Allocate specific time slots for product creation, marketing, and breaks.


  • Continuous Learning:

Stay informed about digital marketing trends and tools. Dedicate time for self-education, such as watching online tutorials or attending webinars.

Don't follow trends. Create your brand.

Sales content, disguised as entertainment content, lives and sells forever!

Mastering every aspect of marketing is a challenging feat, making the replication of someone else’s style and platform far more intricate than it appears.

Attempting to emulate a marketing approach without a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making process, learning from mistakes, and the years of research and development behind it is similar to attempting surgery after merely watching a video – with your business and livelihood being the one operated on.

Reduce the risk out.
Don't depend on volatile trends and headlines.

Moreover, it’s crucial to acknowledge that by the time you recognize a trend, it’s often at its pinnacle.

Unless you can respond with lightning speed to develop a product, create marketing material, and disseminate it to the public, you may find yourself having just missed another valuable opportunity and spent money you didn’t have to spend in the first place.

 Are you prepared to risk the vitality of your business based on a video-inspired experiment?

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