The best way to build an audience quickly.


Create content that targets
People interested in
The same things you enjoy.

how to find Like-Minded People

Steps to creating an audience that trusts you


Be honest.

Sticking to the most honest version of yourself attracts people that think like you. It is easy to create content based on what you like because they think the same way.


Undertand what hurts.

Everyone has a part of their life that they could see moving a little smoother. Help your audience find solutions to simple everyday issues and give them time to build trust. 


Offer ideas & solutions.

People similar to you share similar issues. By sharing what you know and like, you are able to offer information, hacks, tricks & shortcuts that may really help someone else out. 

Make your content interactive.

Give people a reason to interact beyond "Like".


Interview local business leaders

Create an episode that spotlights one (or a few) business owner(s). Showcase their achievements.


In-Depth Product & Service Reviews

Create a name for yourself by helping local businesses rank higher on Google searches by doing reviews.


Niche industry focused content

Charge business owners to promote themselves on shows that target the same people they sell to.


Contests, Raffles & Fundraisers

Offer a fun competition to your audience (fitness, focus, foodie… etc.) and feature a partner business.

Build with a purpose.

Build your audience with intent, not just mass appeal.

Start with

your point of view

In most cases, little to no experience is required to become a world-recognized celebrity.

Rather, a winning personality, something interesting to talk about, and the consistency your growing audience can depend on is what truly matters.


Build an audience for your Branded Media

You ARE your brand. What you think, how you dress, your ideas and how you express yourself all line up to a single point, you. Build an audience that loves you for who you are and what you do.

Build an audience for your Physical or online Business

Whether running an online store or a local pizzeria, the goal is to do MORE business. Help online shoppers distinguish you from the crowd by standing out on the most popular search platforms.

Get paid to be yourself.

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Build an audience for your Website

Are you interested in learning how to get more traffic to your website so you can create income by selling ads? Not just any traffic will do. Learn how to segment the market and drive the best potential shoppers to your site.

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