#1 Lesson I learned in 25yrs of professional digital marketing...

Sell your skill - not your time.

Creating Content that makes you money.

2023 Enhanced to include Artificial Intelligence Tools

Who is Errol Chung?

As a sales and marketing expert, graphic designer, and published author, Errol Chung helps others Profit From Their Personalities by creating target audience-focused, value-loaded social media content that is shaped into streaming TV shows. 

Errol then helps them monetize this content through sponsorships, product sales, and subscriptions. online events and many other solutions. 

Errol currently offers coaching, workshops, and online courses to help all creatives learn and earn easily online.

Check out what a session feels like.

Our strategy sessions are designed to be one conversation that is broken down into many digestible pieces. We try to cover ideas that are not too basic, as to bore the student, while also not focusing on topics that require a technology or communications degree to comprehend. 

We focus on “Situation Analysis” and the “Tactical Application” of the action. Quite simply, there are millions of simplified videos and tutorials out there that explain to you exactly how to use the application. We need you to know WHY you use them.

It is more important to understand the value behind each piece of the portrait in case a particular portion does not work for you, you can swap it out and maintain the original focus of the entire project.

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It’s like taking apart your favorite college class, TedX talk, or Celebrity interview and focusing on what you want and skipping the rest. 

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