Creating solutions based on your skill & passion.
Creating solutions based on your skill & passion.

Crafting a business around your passion to solve problems for people you enjoy connects work with genuine joy.

Turning each day into a journey where success and fulfillment naturally intertwine.

-Errol Chung

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What's are the most critical pitfalls business owners face?

In short? Falling Out-Of-Love with what they do. Not the product or service they offer, literally, what they do each day.

  • Designing a product or service solely based on making money
  • Focus on getting recognized for their genius
  • Trying to catch a trend in the market with no connection to the product, audience or vibe of the trend.

These are two sure fire ways to lose passion quickly. Neglecting the vital understanding of who it truly helps and who is ready to accept your help.

What should aspiring business owners do?

For a new, expanding, or recovering business, the oversight of customer need could spell the difference between success and total financial failure.

Creating a product that satisfies your target audience’s need is not just a suggestion; it’s an absolute necessity in this high-stakes game where there are hundreds of options available with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen.

This section will align the passions you mentioned in your assessment, to the mindset and buying habits curated by the AI’s reviews of your answers. 

Add our Chat GPT prompt to ONE OF YOUR responses from Step 3.

Copy our prompt below, followed by your Chat GPT response from Step 3, directly into the ChatGPT prompt and hit Generate.

Note: If you would like to expand on your answers, you can do so right there in your worksheet. 

Now that you know the importance of including your passions, write a longer, more detailed, more honest list. 



Instructions: Create a digital product that will comply with the resolution and help solve this problem.

Create a 3 paragraph, 3 part storyline of creating a product that solves the whole problem mentioned in the data.

Include these 3 ways to solve the problem:

Immediate download: a pdf worksheet or guide

Monthly subscription: create a monthly digital download or membership-based group value

Household product or t-shirt: create something that they can place their brand or a value-based, motivational, quote on like t-shirt, coffee mug, wall poster…

Talk like a digital marketing company that designs custom products based on their client’s skill level & passion.


Paid Membership Prompt:


The more specific the prompt (longer, more detailed) the better the result!

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Customized 1:1 Consultation

Why do we focus on digital products?

Simple answer, ease and low-cost of production.

Our commitment to digital products is rooted in 25 years of honing expertise in streamlined deliverability and cost-effectiveness. Specializing in intellectual services like membership programs, SAAS, and digital downloads allows us to cater to customers with limited working capital. These entrepreneurs aren’t building elaborate product lines; instead, they possess a compelling story or mission that they aim to bring to the world efficiently and affordably.

Paid, digital/online, product ideas:


Images & galleries

Single video & playlist

Music & podcasts

How-to guides & life-hacks

Research & ecourse


Men’s & women’s gear

Custom Graphic T-shirts

Book & ebook

Fill-in-the Blank Workbooks

Household & Office items

Online memberships

Members only content

Member only events

Games, polls & contests

Live small-group video sessions

Contact forms & submissions

Paid video meetings

Paid invitations

Group panel

Online tutoring

Paid consulting

*Silent Shadowing


+More Paid Groups!

Specialty groups (multiple ages)

Local business

Law changes

Sales and senior leadership events

Health and wellness groups

Would this work for physical products or brick & mortar locations?

Simple answer, yes.

In long, “Yes, but…”  with the caveat that you’ll need to tweak a few elements in the prompts. Substitute the term “digital products” in the prompts below with your knowledge in the field rather than your direct involvement in the service.

This strategic shift ensures that your marketing materials and content showcase your expertise, steering away from concrete aspects like cost, delivery speed, or wait times.

Example: Replace “digital products” with terms like real estate services, medical expertise, insurance recommendations, sales and branding advice, and other intangible offerings. 

Make Money with Product Reviews.

3-5 Minute, Mini Podcast or Video Series focused on your favorite products.

A typical Mini Podcast should run 3-5 minutes. In 1 hour, you can record 10 – 15 episodes, easily. Focus on products and businesses that actually do know and visit often. 

Once you have built a little, local, buzz for yourself, set a goal of $1,000 per hour.

By charging $50-$83 each episode, that equals $1,000, for 1 hour of your time.


have YOU ever watched an "Open-Box" or "Amateur Food Tasting" video?

The things that you love most are usually the things that you know most about. It is this unique knowledge that makes you interesting to potential audiences.

Let us show you how to profit from your passions, publicly.

Each time the episode plays/airs, new commercials are added, and new revenue is generated.

1,000 subscribers
x Paying $20/mo =

Additional info that may help.

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Unlocking Consistent Monthly Income: Transitioning Audience to Paying Subscribers and Creating Digital Products for Financial Growth. Learn key objectives and digital product ideas to achieve sustainable revenue and audience engagement.

Find people that want what you sell

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Find your Perfect Target Audience

Begin your journey to find your perfect target audience by determining who you enjoy talking to most. Focus on their interests, offer interactive activities, and be authentic and consistent.

How to build trust with your audience

The best way to build an audience quickly. FindLike-MindedPeople Create content that targets People interested in The same things you enjoy. how to find Like-Minded People Steps to creating an…

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