Find Your Target Audience




Determine who it is that you enjoy talking to the most. 



Consider what they are working on and how you can help.



Narrow the focus by offering interactive activities.

Time: 1:50

Be honest and let the energy guide you.

Take a quick listen to the energy of the conversation between Errol Chung and Jason King. Within moments, you can begin to visualize the type of people that would be interested in sharing this level of energy. 

No matter the topic, people of all energy levels have their own interest. Some times, totally separate populations will share only ONE common ground. 

Let your content be that common ground. Be authentic, be consistent, and deliver your content with your own style to attract REAL followers that will stand the test of time. 


Talk about things that interest you and attract people with similar interests.

We are more than the "thing" we can do. We are human.

Time: 3:35

Stop thinking “I have something for everyone” or “Everyone will like my content.”  It is self-destructive to believe that you can solve everyone’s problems.

What you can offer, is a great idea or solution that would definitely benefit a few thousand people. If you are focused and determined enough to get your content to them. 

Focus on the personality type of the audience that you want to reach and try to understand what motivates, interests, or worries them that you also feel strongly about.

Find a common ground. 

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What makes a perfect Target Audience Member?

Time: 2:00

Someone that likes you, trusts you, agrees with you point of view and shares you content with other like-minded people is your BEST FRIEND when it comes to social media marketing. 

But the real value steps into focus when you start listing your products for sales. Who loves you enough to open their wallet? Who loves you enough to Pre-Order or order multiple copies to give as gifts. 

Your true target audience is more than just people that like you, they are people willing to spend with you. 

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What's your origin story?

Time: 3:29

You did not just land on this planet yesterday. You are not completely playable to every current trending selfie filter. You have thoughts, preferences, beliefs, and knowledge that you hold sacred. All of the feelings you have come from occurrences you have lived through in your life. 

Your decision-making process is the result of all of the things that have happened to you or because of you in your life. 

Share those experiences with others and tap into a part of their heart that will connect them to your forever. 

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You have to take the 1st step.

Time: 1:50

Having us as a Consulting Team or just listening to our podcast gives us the opportunity to actually show you, in REAL TIME, exactly what we are doing to win in the Monetization game. 

But it all still starts with your commitment. Your commitment to yourself, to your family, to your vision. 

What will it take for you to finally get your story out to the world and start helping the people that need it while funding the life you deserve.

Start the Conversation:

Consider “talking” to Chat GPT in plain conversational tone.

Incorporate your Target Audience into your new Marketing and Sales content in just seconds with these helpful ideas. 


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