Yakuza Yacht – Come To Bear Eps. 1

Bear must defeat one of his most terrifying past demons to take control a mystical ancient blade that is said to be sharp enough to seperate a man from his sanity. All while defending himself against a yacht full of murderous hitmen and ninjas.

Lucas’ Bio

The Tech Wizard. Reflecting intelligence and problem-solving skills, Lucas keeps the team ahead in the digital age with his deep knowledge of programmable matter and quantum computing along with his ability to manipulate any computer system.

Mia’s Bio

The Protector. Demonstrating stealth and agility, Mia’s quick thinking and offensive strategies have been Bear’s secret weapon. Her quick thinking in the strategy room and knowledge close-quarters combat help the team feel confident in Mia’s plans.

Leah’s Bio

The Double Agent. Leah combines elegance and ruthlessness. Her dual life as a Black Ops mission leader and business mogul makes her an dangerous, ally and nemesis. A life time of relationships have put world of private armies at her disposal.

Jazzy’s Bio

The Artful Dodger. With cunning and adaptability, Jazzy uses her charm and wit to navigate the worlds of high society and art theft. Her skills in deception and cultural acumen opens locked door earning her the position of the youngest player on the team.

Caliber’s Bio

The Muscle. Advance fighting and munitions expert, he is known for his unparalleled strength and extensive military training. Despite his brutal past, he’s on a journey to become more patient and non-violent through meditation and strategic restraint.

Bear’s Bio

The Mastermind. With a sharp gaze and a commanding presence, Bear’s expertise in strategy and security reflects adaptability and strength. As the brain and backbone of the team, he orchestrates complex operations with unmatched intellect.

Beta Test – Come To Bear – Eps. 0

Bear finalizes the last deal he needs to start building his syndicate. Memories of childhood echo as he steps into manhood. His team by his side, it all starts NOW. 

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