Lucas' Origin Story

“The rush of adrenaline isn’t just about danger; it’s about pushing boundaries and discovering what we’re truly capable of when the stakes are high.”

Lucas is crucial to the team’s technological edge, often pioneering the development of security measures and offensive capabilities. His role as a tech visionary allows the team to stay several steps ahead of adversaries. Additionally, his financial resources bolster the team’s operational capacity, ensuring they have the necessary tools at their disposal. Lucas’s knack for creating partnerships and alliances has also opened doors that Bear’s team might not have accessed otherwise.

Interesting Fact

Lucas once bypassed international cyber defenses in under an hour, a testament to his hacking skills. He holds several patents for technologies now used by global intelligence agencies.


Lucas sometimes underestimates the ethical implications of his creations, focusing too much on technological advancement. His intense focus on work can also lead to neglect of his personal relationships and health.

Years with Bear
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Personality Traits

Lucas possesses a highly analytical mind and is naturally curious, qualities that drive him to constantly seek new challenges and knowledge. 

He’s known for his strategic thinking and often approaches problems from unique angles, which makes him an invaluable asset in planning and execution phases of operations. Despite his technological prowess, Lucas maintains a level of humility and is quite approachable, often mentoring younger tech enthusiasts.

However, his passion for innovation can sometimes isolate him from non-technical team members, as he tends to get absorbed in his projects.

Skills & Abilities

Lucas’s capabilities span across a diverse array of technical domains, positioning him as both an invaluable asset and a potential liability. His proficiency in cybersecurity safeguards the team’s operations from digital threats, while his skills in robotics and quantum computing revolutionize their approach to complex problems.

However, his intense focus on pushing technological boundaries without fully considering ethical ramifications can sometimes endanger the team and their missions. Lucas’s innovations, particularly in areas like cryptocurrency, also attract unwanted attention from powerful adversaries, making him a target for those who wish to exploit or curb his groundbreaking advancements.

Neuro-Divergent Traits

  1. Perseverative Thinking: Lucas might engage in perseverative thinking, where he becomes fixated on specific thoughts or ideas. This can lead to deep, innovative problem-solving but might also make it challenging for him to switch tasks or let go of unresolved issues.

  2. Exceptional Memory: He may possess an exceptional memory for details, particularly in areas related to his technological and entrepreneurial ventures. While this can be a significant asset in his work, it might also lead to information overload or difficulty prioritizing less detail-oriented tasks.

  3. Non-linear Thinking: Lucas could exhibit non-linear thinking, enabling him to make unconventional connections and innovations. This trait allows for creative solutions but might sometimes result in communication challenges with peers who think more sequentially.

Life Saved : Life Earned

Lucas’s recruitment came at a critical moment; Bear intervened during a high-stakes weapons deal between Lucas and the Yakuza that spiraled out of control. The advanced weaponry Lucas had developed proved too powerful, prompting the Yakuza to eliminate him to keep the technology a secret. 

Recognizing his expertise and the imminent danger, Bear extracted Lucas, offering him a place on the team where his skills could be used for broader, more ethical purposes. This not only saved Lucas’s life but also redirected his talents to more noble endeavors.

Lucas’ first invention for Bear was the one that almost got him killed, his newest marvel of technology and innovation: Programmable Matter Nano-Bot Tattoos.

Unique Relationship

Lucas and Jazzy share a dynamic relationship marked by mutual respect and a deep bond over their shared love for innovation. Lucas views Jazzy much like a little sister, valuing her creativity and often encouraging her to push the limits of her designs. He’s protective of her, always ready to offer guidance or support in both personal and professional spheres. 

Unbeknownst to Lucas, Jazzy harbors a crush on him, admiring not just his technical genius but also his compassionate leadership. This unspoken tension adds an undercurrent of complexity to their interactions, blending familial affection with unrequited feelings on Jazzy’s part.

Lucas' Timeline

“Nano-bots aren’t just technology; they’re the next frontier in blending the human condition with the limitless potential of machine intelligence.”

Prodigy to Entrepreneur

Early Genius to Early Success
Lucas, a child prodigy in technology, started coding at a remarkably young age. His prowess led him to found a tech company that innovated several key algorithms, which he later sold for a massive sum. This early success set the stage for his future ventures and adventures in technology and beyond.

Adventurer Among Outlaws

From Tourist to Fringe Player
After cashing out, Lucas’s thirst for adventure took him across the globe, where he found himself increasingly drawn to the adrenaline and danger of the criminal underworld. 

His travels allowed him to mingle with various outlaws, learning their ways and occasionally participating in their schemes, all in pursuit of thrill and challenge.

Arms Dealer to the Shadows

Dangerous Liaisons with the Yakuza
Lucas’s tech skills took a dark turn when he began designing advanced weaponry for the Yakuza. His creations were so revolutionary that they significantly shifted the power balance within the underworld. Fearing the potential for betrayal or leaks, the Yakuza plotted to eliminate him to protect their new arsenal’s secrecy.

Financing the Dream

Seeking Challenges with a New Ally
Disenchanted with the dangers of working with volatile criminal elements and yearning for more meaningful challenges, Lucas approached Bear. Recognizing Bear’s strategic mind and the excitement his global security ventures offered, Lucas decided to invest his resources, becoming the financial backbone of Bear’s operations and seeking new thrills in a partnership that matched his ambitions for impact and innovation.