Jazzy's Origin Story

“Style isn’t just about what you wear; it’s about making a statement with every choice you make, even if it’s hidden under your skin.”

Jasmine “AKA Jazzy” is highly creative and adaptable, thriving in environments that challenge her inventive skills. She possesses a charismatic and magnetic personality, which she uses effectively to navigate the diverse social circles her work draws her into.

Interesting Fact

Jazzy once crafted an entire runway collection overnight, inspired by the vibrant street art of Tokyo. Her ability to fuse cultural elements into wearable tech not only stunned the fashion world but also integrated advanced security features, blending haute couture with espionage seamlessly.


Jazzy tends to overcommit to her projects, often at the expense of her personal time and well-being. Her perfectionism can sometimes lead to procrastination, as she struggles to consider a project truly complete.

Years with Bear
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Personality Traits

Jazzy is a mechanically gifted and creatively inclined designer who combines her love for music and fashion with her technical skills to create innovative solutions for disguise and deception. She excels in 3D fabrication and has carved a niche for herself by designing costumes that serve both aesthetic and tactical purposes. 

Her collaboration with Lucas on nano-bot tattoos demonstrates her ability to integrate technology with art, enhancing Bear’s team’s capabilities.

Skills & Abilities


Jazzy is a talented individual whose skills blend technical prowess with creative flair. She excels in mechanics and 3D fabrication, creating sophisticated devices and prototypes that have practical applications in covert operations. Her ability to design specialized costumes for disguises makes her indispensable in undercover and witness protection assignments. 

Furthermore, Jazzy has innovated nano-bot tattoos in collaboration with Lucas, integrating advanced technology into wearable art that offers tactical advantages like communication and health monitoring. Her deep understanding of cultural trends, particularly in music and fashion, allows her to craft designs that are not only functional but also stylistically relevant.

Neuro-Divergent Traits

  • Hyperfocus: Jazzy can become intensely focused on her projects, often losing track of time and neglecting other responsibilities.
  • Anxiety in Social Settings: Despite her outward charisma, Jazzy sometimes experiences anxiety in social settings, particularly in large, unfamiliar groups, worrying about how her work and herself are perceived.
  • Asynchronous Development: Rapid cognitive growth might outpace emotional and social maturity, causing mismatches in expectations and self-perception challenges.

  • Sensitivity to Criticism: Jazzy is highly sensitive to criticism, which can lead to bouts of self-doubt and hinder her decision-making process.

Theif's Mentorship

During a staged art exhibit designed to entrap billionaire art collectors, Jazzy’s plan spectacularly failed due to her lack of experience in handling such high-stake social engineering. Despite the setback, her raw talent and passion did not go unnoticed by Bear, who was present undercover. Recognizing her potential and need for guidance, Bear recruited her, offering mentorship and a platform to refine her skills and channel her inventive energies effectively.

Unique Relationship

Jazzy’s usual sharp edges soften around Lucas, her confidence subtly faltering in the wake of his tech-savvy charm and focused demeanor. Each shared mission deepens her admiration, turning playful banter into a silent yearning she’s hesitant to reveal, fearing it could alter the intricate dynamics of their tight-knit team.

Dance to the Music

“Give me a beat, some thread, and a little tech, and I’ll show you how art can turn the tide in any battle.”

Mechanical Maven

Innovator from the Start
From a young age, Jazzy showed an exceptional aptitude for mechanics and 3D fabrication, quickly mastering the intricacies of creating complex mechanical devices and prototypes. Her skills allowed her to innovate and excel in various tech competitions, setting the stage for her unique career blending technology with more creative pursuits.

Rhythmic Style for Spies

Blending Beats with Threads
Jazzy’s passion for music and fashion has always been intertwined; she sees both as forms of expression and innovation. Her personal style is as eclectic as her playlists, often featuring bold, avant-garde pieces that she designs herself, resonating with vibrant beats and the dynamic rhythms of her favorite tunes.

Costumer to the Clandestine

Designer for Disguise
Jazzy’s unique skill set made her a sought-after designer for costumes that are more than just attire—they’re disguises for both criminals and government operatives, including undercover agents and individuals in witness protection. Her creations are tailored to conceal identities effectively, helping wearers blend into or stand out from the crowd as required by their covert missions.

Tech & Tatts

Joining Bear’s crew marked a pivotal turn in Jazzy’s career, merging her love for design with cutting-edge technology. Collaborating closely with Lucas, she helped develop nano-bot tattoos, innovative devices that combine her artistic design skills with high-tech functionality.

These tattoos not only serve as stunning body art but also offer tactical advantages in their missions, embodying the fusion of style and substance.