Mia's Origin Story

“The true battlefield is the mind; conquer that, and you’ve already won.”

Mia is an essential member of Bear’s team, blending elite espionage skills with acrobatics to infiltrate high-security areas and gather critical intelligence. Her strategic insight and mentorship solidify her role as a key strategist and leader. Mia’s operations crucially shape the team’s success, leveraging information as their greatest asset.

Interesting Fact

Mia single-handedly infiltrated a fortified Siberian compound, evading high-tech surveillance in sub-zero temperatures to extract crucial data. Her flawless operation, marked by unmatched stealth and acrobatics, averted an international crisis and cemented her status as a top-tier operative.


Mia's primary weakness lies in her intense dedication to perfection, which can lead to excessive stress and burnout. Her deep investment in every mission sometimes strains her emotional resilience, making it difficult to disconnect and recover from the missions.

Years with Bear
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Personality Traits

Mia is defined by a unique blend of traits that make her an outstanding operative. She is intensely focused, with an unyielding dedication to her missions, often displaying a meticulous attention to detail that ensures nothing is left to chance. Her calm demeanor under pressure is legendary, allowing her to think clearly in high-stress situations. 

This same calm makes her a perfect respit for the team when they need someont to talk to.  Mia values privacy greatly, keeping her team and her own personal lives well-guarded. Despite this, she shows a deep loyalty and care for her team, often going to great lengths to ensure their safety and success.

Skills & Abilities

Mia combines exceptional physical agility with a sharp intellect, making her an unparalleled asset in covert operations. Her skills in espionage allow her to extract vital information seamlessly, while her acrobatic abilities enable her to maneuver through heavily guarded territories unnoticed. A master of disguise and psychological manipulation, 

Mia adeptly turns any situation to her advantage, ensuring mission success.

Neuro-Divergent Traits

  1. Ageless Energy: Jazzy, known for her unyielding work ethic, matches her professional vigor with an equal enthusiasm for social gatherings, showing no lack of energy when hanging out with the younger members of the team. 
  2. Flexibility in Routine: Mia adapts quickly to changing situations and environments, demonstrating a high level of flexibility that allows her to successfully navigate unexpected challenges and alterations in mission parameters.
  3. Strong Visual Thinking: Mia often thinks in images and scenarios rather than words, which is especially useful in strategic planning and during missions where quick visual assessment of complex situations is crucial.
  4. Exceptional Memory: Her ability to recall detailed information about places, people, and past missions contributes significantly to her effectiveness in field operations and in avoiding potential threats or mistakes.

From Leverage to Lieutenant

By the early 2000s, Bear was already a prominent figure in global security. He had known Mia for several years through her work as an international business broker for billionaire artists, goverment leaders and business leaders. Their paths crossed during complex client asset leverage negotiations that showcased Mia’s exceptional negotiation skills and her ability to maintain composure under extreme pressure.

Recognizing her potential for more than just business dealings, Bear was impressed by Mia’s strategic thinking and her discreet management of sensitive information. Eventually, he saw an opportunity to bring her unique skill set to his team. After a particularly intense negotiation that highlighted her capabilities, Bear invited Mia to join his covert operations group. 

Accepting the offer, Mia transitioned from the corporate world to a high-stakes role in global security, where her skills could make a more direct impact on international safety and stability. 

She currently sits as 1st Lieutenant of Bear’s Army. 

Unique Relationship

Mia and Caliber share a deep bond forged through their extensive military experience around the globe. This shared background has cultivated a mutual respect and understanding, as both are accustomed to the burdens of holding deep secrets crucial to national and international security, enhancing their teamwork and trust.

Beyond their professional synergy, Mia and Caliber share a personal connection through their mutual love for tea and meditation. This shared passion provides them a peaceful retreat from their high-stress missions, offering moments of reflection and tranquility. Their tea sessions often serve as a sanctuary where they can unwind and rejuvenate their minds, strengthening their bond. 

Mia's Global Reign

“Travel isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s about becoming new versions of ourselves. Each city, each road, each culture unwraps another layer of who we are and who we might dare to be.”

International Spy Training

The Foundation of Espionage
Mia’s journey into the shadowy world of international espionage began with rigorous training at undisclosed locations around the globe. Here, she mastered skills in covert operations, surveillance, and counterintelligence. This training laid the groundwork for her to navigate the complex and perilous realms she would later encounter.

Perception Shifting

From Policy to Consequences
Mia’s role in shaping strategies for warlords and political agencies profoundly altered her worldview. Sitting at tables where the stakes were nations’ fates, she witnessed firsthand the severe impacts of her decisions—ranging from death tolls to widespread destruction. 

This exposure sparked a deep introspection about the moral implications of her work.

Mia Interrogation (3)

Profiling Leap

Mastering the Minds of the Malevolent
Transitioning to profiling for prominent agencies like the FBI, CIA, and Interpol, Mia utilized her acute understanding of human behavior to analyze and anticipate the actions of the world’s most dangerous individuals. Her unique insights into the psychological workings of criminals became invaluable in thwarting numerous international threats.

Finding a Home

Trust and Transformation
After years of operating in solitude and secrecy, Mia found a renewed sense of purpose and belonging by joining forces with Bear. As his lieutenant, she not only found a way to use her extensive skills for greater good but also learned to trust again, embracing the camaraderie and shared mission of Bear’s team.