Turn Audience Members into Paid Subscribers.

Creating a consistent monthly income stream makes, budgeting, growth planing and all that other grown up stuff a lot easier.

– Errol Chung





Know and reach your base Target Audience before hitting this step.



Understand the primary pain points of your listener and viewer audience.



Create interactive, online-based, income-earning activites. 


Time: 2:14

All those Followers, now what?

How are you NOt rich yet?

Social Media Influencers with thousands, to hundreds-of-thousands, to MILLIONS of followers with NO product line?

What's up with the affiate products?

You’ve spent years building your brand, tailoring your style and finessing your focus. And now, some brand wants to use you as a poster on a flagpole? No Thank You.

Creating simple online products & Services.

Like kids at a birthday party, most adults just want something they can do with their friends or solo to keep themselves occupied till pick-up. Grab a few ideas from out digital products lab.


Take a listen to some of these hand-selected lessons from out recent Podcast Course.

 Though Podcasting is a full-time effort on it’s own,

the base of the conversation here deals with converting your organic audience into a Monthly Paid Membership Group.

$20k Per Month: Simple Subscription Math

Time: 2:11

The more narrow the niche, the less work you have to do per month to keep your subscribers happy.  

The wider you cast your net the more Private, Members Only, Content you need to create to satisfy multiple audiences.

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Have you found your perfect target audience?

Time: 0:52

This course builds on info from a previous lesson entitled “Find Your Target Audience.  Each lesson in this series is designed to offer stand-alone value as well as weave together to create multiple dynamic, consistent, income strategies. 

Conent mentioned in this excerpt.

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The value of HYPER-Interactive content.

Time: 3:48

Bring your audience to a point that they expect to do something when they connect with you. Stop aiming for “casual Likes” and start creating real interactive tasks, challenges & games for your subscribers.

Conent mentioned in this excerpt.

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Talk about things that are naturally intersting to you.

Time: 2:32

Talk about stuff that interests you, in order to attract people interested in the same things you are. It may sound a little simplistic but think about it, wouldn’t you like to sit and talk to someone a little smarter than you, but liked all the same stuff you did.

That is who you are to your audience. Someone they can relate to and trust. They can trust them because they have similar shared experiences that they use to make current decisions.  

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Preview & Reviews: Push old and upcoming content.

Time: 4:12

You never know what piece of your content some new is going to land on first. Use their immediate interest and let them know where they can find more great material. 

Plan out your Content Calendar and find and let your audience know what you have in store for your next series of shows. 

Take the advantage of their attention and re-promote content that you released previously that shares the same value and energy. 

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IncentivizeYour Listeners.

Time: 5:00

Humans are motivated by things that they want. We do what we do in pursuit of happiness or retreat from fear. 

Give your listeners a gift (that doesn’t cost you much, if anything) for listening.  Do something different than the standard “Please like and subscribe!”

Create challenges, games, and rewards, from things all in your head. Get creative. Or get a Pinterest account. 

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Be Consitent in Being You.

Time: 2:39

This is where most of our fellow HD-ADHD (high-definition-attention-deficit-disorder) soldiers run screaming from the battlefield. 

Q: How can you be consistent when you are still trying to figure things out?

A: Be consistent in the one thing that does NOT change. You. No matter what adventure you are on, what meal you are prepping, what stage you are shining on, you remain you. Make you, your personal brand and focus on the RANGE of experiences instead of just one element. 

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Set up your PayPal Subscription button NOW.

Time: 3:45

It’s more important to know where to find the right information than to claim the credit. Please check out this very cool and very informational video on setting up your PayPal Subscription buttons.

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