Content Calendar Creator v2

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For Content Creators, coming up with new ideas, topics, and discussion points is one of the hardest aspects. So, we take care of that for you. The Content Calendar Creator gives everyone the ability to create UNLIMITED ideas on topics to discuss, with a simple click.

  1. Talk to the people you want to talk to (that have the highest potential income value to you)
  2. Talk about the things that you want to (that you are knowledgeable and HIGHLY interested in)
  3. Create content in an engaging, mixed-media, call-to-action based context.

Real Example of the Content Calendar at work:

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10 FREE Lists with 31 topics each:

Foodies, Fitness, Entrepreneurs, Movies, Music, Gardeners, Home Decor, Pet Lovers, Tech, Sci-Fi & SEX!


Content Creator Problem:

Coming up with new content every day is exhausting, and stressful, and doing it poorly can do more damage to your brand than help. Inconsistent messages, points of view, and branding can confuse your intended clients.


Infinite Custom Topics:

In simplest terms, you don’t need to be the King of Late Night Television in order to have a massive following. You don’t need Walmart as a partner to make tons of cash. You just need systems in place, and that is where the Content Calendar Creator takes the lead.


  • List 1 – Enter up to 14 types of people that you want to talk to
  • List 2 – Enter up to 14 types you love to discuss
  • List 3 – Leave ALONE!
List 1: Audience

People that you enjoy engaging in long conversations.

People that you admire, inspire you, motivate you, and interest you.

People that would make excellent clients.

List 2: Topics

Topics that you are completely comfortable talking about. Topics that interest you, things that you feel strongly about.


NOTE: Unless you are SPECIFICALLY DRIVEN to do a political, religion, or activist type show, stay away from these topics.

List 3: Format

This is the style in which you will present the content.


  • TOP 5-10 List
  • Meme
  • How-To
  • Take a Poll
  • Create a Challenge