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Watch ChatGPT create an entire virtual event from scratch.

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Get beyond the fear

Don't make decisions based on hearsay.

Job displacement

AI might take away jobs from people by doing it faster, simpler, and for less money.

Bias & discrimination

AI's answers are based on data it collects, who decides on what is considered?

Transparency & Accountability

It can be hard to know why AI makes certain decisions & where data comes from.

National Safety & security

AI systems could be hacked to disrupt financial, medical or military systems.

Social & Ethical Implications

Can AI be programmed to discriminate or benefit selected groups of people?

The sum of all fears

Can AI become so intelligent that it takes over the world or destroys humanity?

Get into real life scenarios

Our Conference Includes:

Our conference will teach you how to create relevant content consistently. Combined with fun twists and audience interaction activites that will keep you excited to create and your fans coming back for more.

Want to turn “Likes” into “Followers”? This is your ticket to transforming your curious onlookers into raving, loyal fans who can’t get enough of your brand. You’ll have a blast learning how with our experts!


Focusing on the Food, Fitness & Independent Sales-Based industries, we will show you how to build wealth quickly by creating multiple income streams through loyal customer purchases, all while having a blast.


Members and Conference attendees will receive over 


  1. Access to our  Content Calendar Creator
  2. Member’s Only Video Library
  3. Chat GPT and other A.I. Prompts
  4. Discounts on Digital Marketing Services
  5. Discounts on Private Consulting Sessions

event Schedule

  • What is AI and what does it mean to you – 1:1 Interview with Rohan Hall
  • Immediate value to individuals and businesses – Simple ways AI can improve your workflow.
  • Social media marketing & Sales – Working with Chat GPT, Zapier & a Post-Scheduler
  • The difference between Media & Marketing
  • Starting from Scratch – Do 1 thing better each post (downloadable list of things to do better)
  • Over 10,000 Followers – 10% (1,000) x $20/mo = $20K per month
  • TRUE Income Strategies for Social Media – Ads, Member Subscription, Paid Sponsors, Direct Sales
  • How to host a show on YouTube, Social Media & Podcasts Conversation
  • Managing virtual teams – Live and technical automation
  • Insanely easy ways to monetize your video content
  • How do normal people get their own TV Show?
  • Low-Cost distribution 
  • Getting Sponsors to pay you
  • How to use other people’s content LEGALLY!
    • Discussion 1 – Lillian Taylor Esq– Trademark/ Copyright Lawyer & Producer/ Entertainer
    • Discussion 2 Rohan Hall – Corporate Chief-Technology-Officer, Entrepreneur, Author
  • Content that matters – It’s not about you
  • How to find your target audience
  • How to build trust with your audience
  • How to build the perfect business audience
  • Find people that want what you sell
  • From audience to Paid Members
  • Quantum Healing for Beginners – a look at the journey ahead. Let go to grow.
  • 1st lesson – Forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made.
  • 2nd lesson – Love yourself for every decision you’ve ever made.
  • Beyond Affirmations & Tea –
    1. Physical reasons your brain may not be doing what you want it to do
    2. Over the counter medications to help stabilize and enhance your brain
  • People that made it BIG after 40
  • Don’t call it a comeback! – Growing NOT Starting
  • Sculpting your life – DEEP submersion learning
  • Your TEAM! – Redefining family – coming to terms with the new dynamic
  • 10 Ways to make money as a Foodie
  • How to build the perfect foodie audience
  • Fitness Niche – Find people that want what you sell
  • Fitness  Niche – From Audience to Paid Members
  • 10 Ways to make money in Fitness
  • How to build the perfect fitness audience
  • Foodie Niche – Find people that want what you sell
  • Foodie Niche – From Audience to Paid Members
  • The Humble Leader – Kevin Blake
  • Building your ecosystem – Chountelle Bullock
  • Contracts, CashFlow & CBD – Ira Weintraub
  • The art of the deal – Dale Williams
  • Hello Hollywood – Bryan Thompson

The Testimonials

Creating jaw-dropping videos is easy when the items in focus are larger than life. E.C.
The Knowles, Owners
South Florida Flag Football Assoc.
The trust of an entrepreneur to build their official brand is sacred. E.C.
Neal Oates Jr., Broker Owner
World Renowned Real Estate
Experts focus on the details, hustlers focus on the dollar. Tawanda is an Expert. E.C.
Tawanda Sims,Owner
Elite Events Management

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Helping successful brands to monetize their content for over 25 years.

On my personal path to “Getting Paid for My Personality,” I feel grateful for the opportunity to share public speaking stages and exchange ideas with some of the best and brightest minds in business, motivation, health, and technology.

Errol Chung & Gary Vaynerchuk, Speaker & CEO of VaynerX & VaynerMedia
Errol Chung les Brown
Errol Chung & Les Brown, World Leading Speaker, Author & Coach
errol- xavier rhodes
Errol Chung & Xavier Rhodes NFL Running Back, Minnesota Vikings
Errol - Lawrence Taylor
Errol Chung & Lawrence Taylor, 2× Super Bowl Champion
errol - Glen Rice
Errol Chung & Glen Rice, NCAA & NBA Champion
Errol Chung & Simone Kelly, Author & Owner of Own Your Power Radio

Errol's Publications:

Sales Strategy

1st edition of the LiquidSalesman double-header. Learn the secrets of the Sales converstaion. Positioning, negotiation, & closing.

$0 Budget Marketing

2nd edition of the LiquidSalesman double-header. Learn the secrets of the Sales converstaion. Positioning, negotiation, & closing.

Errol's Podcasts.

Hosted by Errol Chung and dedicated to simplified business strategies and high-energy motivation!

Errol's Videos.

Hosted by Errol Chung, click the carosel to access our “Shows” page

#1 Lesson I learned in 25yrs of professional digital marketing...

Sell your skill - not your time.

Creating Content that makes you money.

2023 Enhanced to include Artificial Intelligence Tools

Who is Errol Chung?

As a sales and marketing expert, graphic designer, and published author, Errol Chung helps others Profit From Their Personalities by creating target audience-focused, value-loaded social media content that is shaped into streaming TV shows. 

Errol then helps them can monetize this content through sponsorships, product sales, subscriptions. online events and many other solutions. 

Errol currently offers coaching, workshops, and online courses to help all creatives learn earn easily online.

Check out what a session feels like.

Our strategy sessions are designed to be one conversation that is broken down into many digestible pieces. We try to cover ideas that are not too basic, as to bore the student, while also not focusing on topics that require a technology or communications degree to comprehend. 

We focus on “Situation Analysis” and the “Tactical Application” of the action. Quite simply, there millions of simplified videos and tutorials out there that explain to you exactly how to use the application. We need you to know WHY yo use them.

It is more important to understand the value behind each piece of the portrait incase a particular portion does not work for you, you can swap it out and maintain the original focus of the entire project.

Free Sample?

Take a taste.

It’s like taking apart your favorite college class, TedX talk or Celebrity interview and focus in on what you want and skip the rest. 

2 Ways to access the event:

Become a Sponsor:
Market to our audience

Choose from 4 different sponsorship packages that include media development, social media promotion, FREE Membership and more!

Become a Monthly Member, Get everything: Only $19.99

Gain access to the full Content Calendar Creator, all of our private coaching videos as well as ALL of the Private, Members’ Only Content on this site.

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Procrastination is the thief of opportunity.
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Custom Branded Promotional Video

Our skilled professionals will create a custom Royalty Free Stock Video commercial that captures your brand’s essence and resonates with your target audience, with the same level of quality as our professional projects. Starting at a value of $600, this is an opportunity to upgrade your sales materials into Call-To-Action Sales Campaigns.

Custom Branded Promtional [LOGO] Video

Enhance your brand’s social media presence with our stunning HD video logo animations. Choose from a range of creative options that capture your brand’s essence and make your posts stand out.

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Transform your business today with unparalleled access to a vast network of engaged Members, Followers & Fans across multiple social media platforms. 

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1:1 Video Interview

Step up your business game and chat 1:1 with acclaimed Author & Host Errol Chung. Showcase what sets your business apart and prove why you’re the top choice for high-expectation buyers. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your brand and make a lasting impression.

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Custom Audio Ads

Stand out from the competition with our custom audio commercial – complete with royalty-free music, sound effects, and a dynamic call-to-action. Use it as an answering message, sales call, or even your new ringtone!

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Profit From Your Personality

Elevate your small or independent business with our daily dose of smart, strategic, and intellectual gut checks – designed from over 25 years of professional sales experience. Make immediate changes to your business with our actionable ideas that you can implement right now. 

With our podcast, you’ll have the added advantage of swapping ads and re-promoting high-interest content to ensure your success. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to take your business to the next level.

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Hard Core Hustle

Unleash your potential with our fast-paced, high-impact, and motivational audio series – perfect for jumpstarting your day and aligning your goals with your daily tasks.

Our Hard Core Hustle and Profit From Your Personality Podcasts boast over 60 current episodes on Spotify and are supported by our partner series, Miami DMT, which has over 100 episodes on YouTube. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join our community of motivated listeners and achieve your highest potential.

Our Audience.

At Profit From Your Personality, we're proud to have a diverse and dynamic community of individuals from all walks of life. Our members come from different backgrounds, cultures, and industries, but they share a common goal: to grow themselves and their businesses.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a creative professional, a student, or anyone in between, you'll find a welcoming and supportive environment here.

We believe that by embracing diversity and learning from each other, we can all achieve greater success and fulfillment. So join us today and become a part of our vibrant community!


All things import to Food Lovers, Creators & Connoisseurs.


Keeping a 360° view of the body, mind, spirit (with a competitive edge)


Masters of sales & self motivation. Creators of income without supervision.


Lovers of all things systematic, catalytic and income generating.

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