Creative Designers: Learn how to get paid what your worth.

Without the royal, official, signature style of a creative designer, celebrities would be just actors. It is you that design the award shows and the magazine covers. It is you that create the incredible mega-mansions, and elaborate luxury vehicles. More so, it is you that create the designs that make the focus of every camera […]

How Targeting Happy, Fun Loving can increase sales and office morale.

What is the value of encouraging, not just peace and comradery, but actually targeting specifically HAPPY clients? Identifying the key triggers in your potential clients that identify them as pleasant to work with on a regular basis? This short podcast by author, coach, and entrepreneur Errol Chung, tells exactly how to do just that.  For […]

Gardeners & Landscapers: Become the Bad Boy (or Girl!) of the cul-de-sac.

Gardening is both art and industrial labor.  So for those that have been able to maintain the delicate balance between art and functionality, the universe has granted them a special place in our hearts. Purveyor of Petunias, Goddesses of Gladiolas, Thor of Tree Trimmings, how can we value you even more? This short podcast by […]

Speakers, Coaches and Authors: Learn to Monetize your every thought!

Intellectual property is simply anything that you come up with that no one else has. For Speakers, Coaches & Authors, this is MOST of the content that we create throughout our careers. So how does one profit from knowledge alone? This short podcast by author, coach, and entrepreneur Errol Chung, tells exactly how to do […]

The most effective social content for Realtors, Buyers & Sellers.

Real Estate sales can have the potential for amazing income if the Realtor is smart enough to NEVER stop prospecting. Though a daunting task, the smartest of the lot have created an effective, efficient way of reversing the flow and becoming an inbound resource to people interested in buying property. This short podcast by author, […]

FOODIES! Using your passion to find (and sell to) other Foodies.

If there is any population on Earth that understands the value of leveraging, it’s the foodie community. With gala dinners ranging upwards of $10k per dish to rare caviar to the perfect brisket, chefs have taken their main course and turned it into a feature presentation, therefore increasing their value exponentially. How so? This short […]

Using Passion to Sell to Animal Lovers, Rescue Centers, and Vets.

The individuals that have dedicated their lives to taking care of our favorite family members (not the kids or spouse) hold a special place in our hearts. Some of those individuals have managed to increase their wealth by simply displaying exactly HOW much they love our furry, feathered, or scaly friends. What to know how? […]

Interior Decorators make the BEST Guerilla Marketers.

To get someone to pay 10s of thousands of dollars to decorate a home is no easy task, yet the industry stands. What is it that makes this profession one of the most cut-throat peripheral affiliates of the Real Estate game?  What can you learn from their sly genius, living room, scene setters, and scene-stealers? […]

Hidden Marketing Talent Within Hotel, Spa & Travel Agencies.

Where do you turn when your business is open beds and open doors when the whole world is terrified of open area diseases and the government is demanding that you stay at home? This short podcast by author, coach, and entrepreneur Errol Chung, tells exactly how to do just that.  For more information on creating […]

Using Social Media Content to Sell to Fitness Lovers.

The reason we work out is to stay healthy and live longer, however, that end result comes after an extended period of consistency and mixed muscle movements. This passion drives the result, so how do you get that same energetic response from social media? This short podcast by author, coach, and entrepreneur Errol Chung, tells […]

Real Estate Agents Use Interviews to Create a New Level of Trust.

The gift of gab has no better place than the lips of a Real Estate professional. Sweet talking the deal until it is ripe with profit for the seller and themselves. However, this process does not begin without a sincere level of trust.  For this, we have a shortcut we’d like to share.  This short […]

Find and Sell to Happy, High-Energy, People.

Is your highest and best client someone that is SUPER high energy? You know, the type of person that is always moving, always looking for the next thrill or challenge? Are you looking for a unique way to reach them and get them to trust you and your brand or service? This short podcast by […]