LESSON #1: You are going to need to forgive yourself.

In this mini-podcast, we explore the importance of forgiving yourself for past mistakes as it relates to moving forward. We discuss how holding onto guilt and shame can hold us back and prevent us from reaching our full potential. Join us as we delve into strategies for letting go of the past and cultivating self-forgiveness. […]

Don’t Grind Hard. Grind Smart.

In this mini-podcast, we explore the difference between working hard on any and all projects versus investing your time wisely in the most lucrative, effective, and efficient exercises. We discuss how focusing on the right projects can lead to greater success and fulfillment in both personal and professional life. Join us as we delve into […]

HOW & WHY to get rid of BAD CLIENTS!

In this mini-podcast, we explore the importance of getting away from bad clients who under-pay, pay late, complain excessively, and demand endless revisions. We discuss how these types of clients can impact one's business and well-being, and offer advice on how to identify and manage these situations. Join us as we delve into the benefits […]

Entreprenurship + Depression + ADHD = the threesome you NEVER wanted.

In this mini-podcast, we explore the struggles of being an entrepreneur and living with depression and ADHD. We discuss how these conditions can impact an entrepreneur's productivity and mental health, as well as the stigma and challenges surrounding seeking help. Join us as we delve into ways to manage these struggles and find support. Welcome […]

Is Chivalry dead? Or just forgetten?

In this mini-podcast, we discuss the decline of chivalry in modern society. We explore how the over-inflated sense of self-worth that comes with vilifying simple acts of kindness has contributed to this decline. Join us as we delve into the importance of cordiality and why chivalry is still relevant in today's world. Welcome to the […]

Fitness Coaches sell audio motivation for athletes.

Do you motivate your athletes to be their best? Do you take into consideration; their goals, previous accomplishments, injuries, and diets? Do you do this for free? Have you ever considered selling your best motivational insights as audio clips for athletes to listen to during their workout? An athlete’s body is their biggest investment. From […]

Sales professionals that sell Sales Training Materials… GENIUS!

Have you ever stopped to consider how much you REALLY know about the sales process? Daily productivity, accountability, handling rejection, moving HIGH ticket items in a down economy… Have you ever considered selling your knowledge? Sales professionals have built careers for years by selling what they know about sales. These lessons, acquired through the hundreds […]

Talking to the RIGHT Foodie, can bring you BIG MONEY.

Food Critics, Chefs, Restaurant Make-Over shows have made the Kitchen Staff the new Hell’s Angels. How do you use your love of food (whether cooking or just eating) to make money or bring guests to your location? This short podcast by author, coach, and entrepreneur Errol Chung, tells exactly how to do just that.  For […]

Innovative Marketing Tactics used by Hotel, Spa & Vacation Destinations.

Not many people understand the complexities of the hospitality business. Especially with Covid-19 still lingering, millions of people have postponed or canceled their family trips, conventions, and business gatherings. So how do hotels and spas or variable sizes deal with the lack of customers?  This short podcast by author, coach, and entrepreneur Errol Chung, tells […]

HEY POTHEADS: Learn How to Create a Career by Smoking Marijuana.

It’s finally here! Comic books have come to life, video games are more realistic than some LIVE tv shows and yes, you guessed it, marijuana is quickly becoming more and more a LEGAL staple of our society. Get ahead of the game and stake your claim as not only a member of the society but […]

Create an immediate, personal, connection with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

There are fundamental principles that we all deal with on a day to day basis. Most of us only focus on our own actions, problems, and point of view. What if there was a way to GUARANTEE that you could connect with your perfect client no matter where they were.   This short podcast by […]