Sponsorship Packages Maximize your business’s potential and secure its long-term success by taking advantage of our multi-platform promotional plan, designed to elevate your brand beyond the day of your event. We love creative sponsorship and bartering! If you have a unique idea for how we can work together, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re […]

The Game is the Show

Host your own monetized show. Previous image Next image Everything you need to run a show in the palm of your hands. Stop Procrastinating! Show off your unique talents, tastes, specialties, or just your point-of-view. It’s your time to shine. But not your time to spend TONS of money building out an entirely new project. […]

How to Monetize Your Content

Monetizing your content is crucial as it allows you to generate income and sustain your creative endeavors. It rewards your time and effort by transforming your passion into a viable source of revenue. Furthermore, monetization provides the means to reinvest in your content, improve its quality, and expand your reach to a wider audience.

How to build trust with your audience

The best way to build an audience quickly. FindLike-MindedPeople Create content that targets People interested in The same things you enjoy. how to find Like-Minded People Steps to creating an audience that trusts you 1 Be honest. Sticking to the most honest version of yourself attracts people that think like you. It is easy to […]

Find your Target Audience

Find Your Target Audience Look in your mirror. Here starts the journey to your perfect Target Audience. – Errol Chung Objectives: 1 Objective Determine who it is that you enjoy talking to the most.  2 Objective Consider what they are working on and how you can help. 3 Objective Narrow the focus by offering interactive […]

Find people that want what you sell

Find People ThatWant What You Sell In order to be a good prospect, you have to qualify. The stress between organic,  fake, purchased, or Bot followers is more present than ever now that so many people know how to misuse the technology. When you are looking at proper prospects for your marketing budget, remember, it’s […]

Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams THERE IS NOTHING MORE PRECIOUS THAN TIME. DELEGATE SIMPLE TASKS AND GET YOUR LIFE BACK.  – Errol Chung Objectives: 1 Objective Understand the life-altering ease and value to be in multiple places at once.  2 Objective Learn how to qualify the right people and manage them efficiently.  3 Objective Learn how to […]

Content that Matters

Say what makes sense. Creating content simply means sparking an interest or answering a question. That’s it.Simple, Simple. -Errol Chung Objectives: 1 Objective Understand why YOUR unique point of view is important and worthy of being heard. 2 Objective Being consistent does not mean boring. It means finding the common thread thru several linking topics.  […]

Turn Audience into Paid Members

Once you know you have a strong concept, immediately start to convert Likes & Shares into PAID membership subscriptions. 1,000 people x $20/mon is $20,000 per month.