10 ways to automate money in the fitness industry

Get what you want series
by Errol Chung

Automated Income for Leaders of Large Sports & Fitness Audiences

You already have a great personality & an audience:

1,000 members paying $19.99 per month equals $20K per month.

Let us help you build your paid membership platform.

All the tech you need is in the palm of your hand.

Learn how to charge for private Zoom meetings, Private video recordings. Discover amazing income potential with digital downloads. Create a signature brand in minutes.  

7 Figure Fitness:
Monetize Your Audience.

Sell Your Knowledge

You are a trained athlete with a large social following.

  • You have confidence.
  • You are already consistent.
  • You know you can sell.
  • You know you can recruit.
  • You know you can build a group.
  • You know you can lead a group.

Lead your group to spend money with you, not some other company!

This is NOT Affiliate Marketing

No codes, no pay cycle, no contracts.

No Commissions

It's your business, you keep what you charge.

No "Down Line"

Simply give your audience multiple ways to pay you.

100% Independent

No Boss, No Team Leader, No Meetings. Just you and tutorial videos and a resource library.

FREE MONTHLY Content & Income Strategy Guides.

You don't even have to worry about creating content. Free downloads for members + Live Zoom meetings.

7 Figure Fitness:
Monetize Your Audience.


Per Hour

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1 Hour Consultation with Errol Chung,
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Monthly Income & Cash Flow Strategies

Learn how to bill for subscriptions and sell digital products. FREE DOWNLOADS of content & ad resources. Monthly Private Group Zoom Call.



Live consult before final order.

Create Monthly
Membership Platform:

Host your Web Series, Podcast, or Blog and tie in your income products. All custom built for you.

Build income around the things you already love to do.

Learn how to connect with other content creators to increase your member's value.

Freelance Videos Crews, Podcasters, Local Celebs, Intramural Teams & more!

10 ways to make money
as a Fitness Lover.

Same target audience, new buyer value.

2x2 Value Flyer

Grab a buddy with business and split the tab on marketing costs. Double the range when both of you disperse your own circles.

For added bonus, offer double discount at the 2nd location for visiting both businesses!  

Get Creative.

Create reasons for your people to feel good about their success.

Custom Workout Logbook:

Track your improvements in style for great self-motivation.

Help clients and workout buddies keep track of their improvements, weight gains and losses with a customized journal. Hook them up with downloads once a week with something fun and you’re good to go.

Custom Workout Programs:

Does your personal style extend to a unique workout style?

Do you have a specialty like stretching, Kick-Ass warm-ups or end of the day stress reliever routines? Brand your own style and get paid for holistic fitness.

Custom Meal-Prep Programs:

Help fit friends reach their max potential by removing the stress of meal prep.

No one’s kitchen is like your kitchen. Don’t overlook a single snack favorite. Share your knowledge on healthy (and cheat-day) tummy warmers.

Sexy Fitness Model Calendar:

Enjoy the best your fitness community has to offer.

Great and fun way to bring local merchants, vendors and event coordinators calling. All you need is a dozen hot bodies willing to sign a few waivers and a good cell phone camera and a graphics buddy.

Create an eStore:

Shopify, Dropship, Ali Express, DHGate have changed the game. 

As an expert, your knowledge is your money-maker. The more ways you can package and focus your knowledge into bite-sized chunks, the more opportunities you have to increase your income.

"Fun Fan" Group Merch:

Printing your own custom billboard tees is easier than you think.

Right in line with online stores, coming up with a little gimmicky gear to wear while you workout with your crew is an easy way to start building your brand.

Coordinate Group Event Entry:

Be the one that gets the party going.

Rally the troops for a fun day at an obstacle course race, 5K, or even a corporate fun run. Grab the coolers, the lawn chairs, grab a couple of beers and pals, charge $15 a head for a “convenient post-run” tailgate.

Private & Group Motivational Partner:

Go for the LESS direct fitness angle, Personal Encourager.

Some people just need just a little inspiration to make the leap into personal health. Not an overbearing personal trainer or shock-hypnosis holistic artist. Just someone to encourage them, keep the conversation light and help them stay focused.

Collections for Competitions:

Help those that you’d never consider.

Every athlete needs a support team. The passion you have can cost you. Competitions get more and more expensive. Step-up a little fund to help local competitors reach their next event.