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7 Figure Foodie:
Monetize Your Audience.


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Build a brand from your personality, skill & knowledge.

Become a Critic

Review Locations

Interview Chefs

Try New Dishes

Healthy Cuisine

10 ways to make money
as a Food Lover.

Simple concepts you can use to make money TODAY!

Get paid to become a Professional Critic

Open-Box Videos are simply; real people giving unbiased reviews. Can you do that?

80% of online shoppers check some type of product review before making a purchase. Most check 2-3 review resources and observe several opinions on each source before making a decision. The more specific your product line (houseware, hobby, industry, skill, etc.) the more products you can review and still appeal to the same target audience.

Plug-&-Play Sellable Products

Join our membership group for only $20/month for lessons on learning how to select and sell online.

Create Custom T-Shirts:

Stop wearing other people’s clothes.

Simple custom t-shirts are a great way to build your brand awareness and have some fun. Depending on how technical and artistic you are, you will need a simple Shopify account and a few designs to start.

Instructional Videos:

Everyone loved the “Cool Teacher”… that’s you now!
Express your expertise. Though waiting to get paid by YouTube can be a long journey, they are an IMMEDIATE way to prove you are a good choice as a consultant.

Suggest Kitchen Tools:

Setup an online store full of products in less than a week.

With the advent of Shopify, Ali Express & Drop shipping, everyone now has the ability to sell almost anything. Big Box companies like Walmart, Costco, Target all get their goods from overseas, now you can do the same.

Sell Ad Space on your Social Media:

Cut your cost in half and reach a wider, better, audience.
Generate large referrals by partnering with people or companies that are already working with your perfect client type. Make sure your services don’t compete with the client’s budget and come up with some cool co-branded marketing.

Create Digital Products:

Get your knowledge out any way you can.

As an expert, your knowledge is your money-maker. The more ways you can package and focus your knowledge into bite-sized chunks, the more opportunities you have to increase your income.

Beginner Cooking Guides.

Life needs Cheat-Codes.
Repetition is the mother of learning, it also gives us an opportunity to find shortcuts. Write down a step-by-step instructional guide on building, completing, training or learning something unique.

Repackage & Bundle Products:

People like innovative gift bundles.

Gift baskets exist for a reason. Save people time and money by putting together everything they need in one convenient/rebranded package. Hint: Pre-Orders can save you a ton on supplies.

Repackaging Knowledge:

Create direct answers for people with no time to research.
Put together a collection of your favorite, most important, most requested, most list-able items and release them under a single client value labeled All-In-One Resource Kit.

Personal/Situational Assessments:

Give potential clients a sample of what you can do.

An assessment is a little more than a single page review of a person or a company’s current strengths and weaknesses. It can be a great way for an expert to prove themselves by highlighting the target area that needs immediate help.