Silence first, thunder when cornered

Meet Caliber

AKA "Cal"

Caliber stands as the stalwart protector within Bear’s team, known for his imposing physical presence and expertise in hand-to-hand combat. A former military operative, he brings a disciplined and tactical approach to every mission. His deep understanding of security systems and defensive strategies makes him indispensable, especially in high-stakes situations where the team’s safety is paramount.

Despite his tough exterior, Caliber has a soft side, especially when it comes to animals and nature, revealing a more contemplative and gentle personality. His loyalty to the team is unwavering, and he often serves as the moral compass, ensuring that their missions do not stray too far from their ethical boundaries. His camaraderie with Lucas, in particular, showcases a blend of mutual respect and light-hearted banter that lightens the mood in even the most tense scenarios.

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Caliber’s Bio

The Mastermind. With a sharp gaze and a commanding presence, Bear’s expertise in strategy and security reflects adaptability and strength. As the brain and backbone…