How to make money with content creation.

It only takes 1,000 Followers
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how to sell an ad idea

steps to creating a digital product


Understand your target audience.

Decide on who you want to talk to most. Talk to people that you share emotional, financial & family interests.


Understand their immediate goals.

Considering your audiences demographics, ambitions & income level allows you to position your best content.


package ideas to help them reach their goals.

Trust is the foundation of all sales. Offer a solution and explain exactly how it will best benefit them.

Make Money with Product Reviews.

3-6 Minute, Mini Podcast or Video Series on your favorite products.

A typical Mini Podcast should run 3-5 minutes. In 1 hour, you can record 10 – 15 episodes, easily. Focus on products and businesses that actually do know and visit often. 

Once you have built a little, local, buzz for yourself, set a goal of $1000 per hour.

By charging $50-$83 each, that equals $1,000, for 1 hour of your time.


have YOU ever watched an "Open-Box" or "Someone Eating" video?

The things that you love most are usually the things that you know most about. It is this unique knowledge that makes you interesting to potential audiences.

Let us show you how to profit from your passions, publicly.

Each time the episode plays/airs, new commercials are added, and new revenue is generated.


Make purchasing from you super easy.

Simple online product line with automated delivery.


Images & Galleries

Single Video & Playlist

Music & Podcasts

How-To Guides & Life-hacks

Research & eCourse


Mens's & Women's

Book & eBook

Corresponding workbook

Chef Apron or
Throw Pillow


Combine & reuse old content as
"Paid Member Subscription Access".

Members Only content

Member Only Events

Games, Polls & Contests

Live Small-Group Video Sessions

Contact Forms & Submissions

Paid Video Meetings

Paid Invitations

Group Panel

Online Tutoring

Paid Consulting

Live Speaking Engagements

Specialty Groups (Multiple ages)

Local Business
Law Changes

Sales and Senior Leadership Events

Health and Wellness Groups

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Small change = HUGE CASH.

Adding a little branding, a few partner logos, and a price list can monetize any video.

Have you ever watched a social media influencer or a reality show and thought, I can do that?

Ever wonder what you’re ever going to do with ALL the pictures and videos you’ve taken?

Turn photos & video into individual experiences and you’ve got all the content you need for a few episodes of a great show. 

Learn how to turn your favorite home videos and pictures into monetizable content.

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