Build an Independent Business Audience

Consider where your audience is in their journey.


Standard Managers & Employees

If you manage a staff, your concerns are different than most people could ever recognize. Share your knowledge and experiences with like-minded professionals. 


Independent Agents & Freelancers

Being an entrepreneur places your mindset and daily activity on a whole different scale than most. Create a network of people that face the same daily issues as you. 


Physical & Online Business Owners

Long-term business owners have more knowledge than just day-to-day operations. They are a wealth of knowledge of self, others & communication styles. 

Top 4 types of audiences.

Launching a business

So many people feel the fire to launch their own business but need encouragement and strategies. Be that spark to get them into the realm they belong.

Dealing with Stress

Being in business can be the greatest joy and biggest headache you one can ever imagine. Strength comes with knowing you are part of a community.

Interested in growth

Confidence in your ability to grow your business is different than having a technical knowledge of how to do so with minimal risk to what they have already built.

Exits & investments

Towards the end of a successful career, most business owners being to look for ways to keep their cash flow flowing and get out of the day-to-day activities.

Consistent content creates trust.

Turn your content into a video series or podcast.

All the tech you need is in the palm of your hand.

Your phone is the best tool designed for creating independent wealth since the Stock Market.

Never before have you been able to sit, by yourself in a room and generate value and reach a global audience.

Create the right content, connect the right eCommerce and social media platforms and watch the dollars just roll in. 

Homemade TV Show Example:

Become a Show Host

Exclusive Luxury Events

Local Business Spotlight


How to build an audience
that values your knowledge & style. 

Social media marketing vs traditional marketing.

It all comes down to time and consistency.

Trust comes from consistency. Wheter we are watching a celebrity risk thier reputation by suggesting a car insurace brand or we have adaped to using the same dish soap as our parents – we want to know that we can trust the retail brand we choose because that brand can prove to stand the test of time. 

Get paid to be yourself.


are you an author?

Build an audience for your Branded Media

Are you looking for more online business?

Build an audience for your Website

Get paid to be yourself.

Target your audience by what they find most interesting.

One Large Net: Made of tiny-little nets


Foodies, Chefs, Farmers, Bar Tenders, Distilleries, Grills, Restauranters, Nutritionists & More!


Fitness, Health, Workouts, Competitions, Gyms, Refs, Trainers & Medical Specialists.


Freelancers, Coders, Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Online Group Leaders.

Tech & Apps

From websites to apps to robots with AI. Master Google, Apple, and everything in between.

Business & Sales

Fashion, Style, Design, Branding, Trends., Discover what the world is buying today.


Connect with like mined, online shoppers

The things that you love most are usually the things that you know most about. It is this unique knowledge that makes you interesting to potential audiences.

Let us show you how to profit from your passions, publicly.

Each time the episode plays/airs, new commercials are added, and new revenue is generated.

Social Cell Phone

Create a arsenal of digital online products

Find out the best ways to add value to your product or service without adding more work to your day.

Master skills: eCommerce Platforms, Coupons, Partners, Drop Shipping, Custom Clothes, Digital Downloads, eCourses and more.

Each time the episode plays/airs, new commercials are added, and new revenue is generated.


Incorporate your Target Audience into your new Marketing and Sales content in just seconds with these helpful ideas. 


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