With every face, a new chase.

Meet Jazzy

Jazzy is the team’s master of disguise and an essential component of Bear’s operations. With a background in theater and psychology, she excels in manipulating both appearance and persona to infiltrate any setting. Her wardrobe is as diverse as her skill set, containing everything from high-society gowns to utility worker uniforms. Her ability to mimic accents and body language makes her virtually undetectable in undercover situations.

In the field, Jazzy’s quick thinking and adaptability have saved the team on numerous occasions. Off the clock, she’s equally dynamic, always with a new hobby or creative project. Her close bond with Mia provides a solid foundation of support and trust within the team, helping them navigate the complexities of their dualistic roles in society.

Jazzy Robot Maker

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Jazzy’s Bio

The Artful Dodger. With cunning and adaptability, Jazzy uses her charm and wit to navigate the worlds of high society and art theft. Her skills…