"Secrets are the currency of power;
hold them close, and you control the world."

Meet Mia

Mia, the team’s master infiltrator, combines espionage with acrobatics, making her indispensable for missions demanding stealth and precision. Trained by elite intelligence agencies, she brings a wealth of experience from global hotspots, adept at extracting crucial information and making undetected exits. 

As Bear’s strategic right hand, Mia not only executes but plans complex operations, ensuring the team is always two steps ahead of adversaries. Her calm demeanor and quick decision-making under pressure serve as the team’s backbone during high-stakes operations. 

Beyond her tactical role, she fosters unity within the team, serving as a mentor and psychiatrist to team members. Mia’s presence embodies the spirit of the crew: fearless, sharp, and relentlessly forward-moving, crucial in navigating the dangerous waters of their covert endeavors.

Latest Episodes

Mia’s Bio

The Protector. Demonstrating stealth and agility, Mia's quick thinking and offensive strategies have been Bear’s secret weapon. Her quick thinking in the strategy room and…